1Heart Formally Launches its Newly Designed Company Website and Franchise Recruitment Website

Coinciding with the company’s continuing growth and franchise success, 1Heart Caregiver Services has launched its newly designed Company website, 1heartcares.com and its Franchise Recruitment website, 1heartfranchise.com this May of 2016.

1Heart’s visionaries, Kevin Tagarao, Vice President, Randy Clarito, Director of Business and Franchise Development and the 1Heart Team were all proud as they celebrated the launch of the 2 websites.

1Heart Caregiver Services Website

The 1heartcares.com website.

Kevin finds the new 1heartcares.com website to be simpler and more user-friendly. “The 1heartcares.com website has been re-designed from the ground up in terms of structure and form functionality. Anyone who has visited the site in the past will notice the change right away.

The new 1heartcares.com is now easier to access and navigate. The Digital Marketing Department together with the rest of the 1Heart team kept a close watch during its development and even subjected the design process to numerous reviews and revisions to bring the website to a form that demonstrates improved compatibility across different devices.” says Kevin. “And in terms of online branding and presence, the improvement to the website’s design, along with the recently updated 1Heart Caregiver Services logo completes the company’s solid representation in the home care industry.” he adds.


1Heart Caregiver Services Franchise Website

The 1heartfranchise.com website.

Randy and the rest of 1Heart’s Executive Team believes that the improvements made to the 1heartcares.com website are necessary changes to adapt to the ever-changing online landscape and has pushed for the implementation of a separate Franchise website. “The 1Heart Franchise before was only a featured page within the 1heartcares.com website.

With the continuing franchise development and expansion efforts, I believe that it’s time for the 1Heart Franchise to have its own presence on the web to complement the brand. With the launch of the 1heartfranchise.com website, we can better share an awareness of the opportunity for any qualified individual to own a franchise with 1Heart’s success stamped on it.” says Randy.

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