1Heart Executive Team

Belina C. Nernberg
Founder & CEO

Bel-400x591Belina Calderon-Nernberg is the CEO and founder of a group of successful companies – 1Heart Caregiver Services, LA Jobs Employment Agency Inc. and Summit Medical Billing Solutions, Inc.

As President and CEO of 1Heart Caregiver Services, one of the fastest growing in-home care service companies in California, Belina has been responsible for the company’s increased productivity and consistent profitability for more than 12 years. Belina provided the vision, leadership and direction that the company needed to achieve its short-term and long-term goals. As her greatest accomplishment, the company is now equipped with expertise to expand its business operations to different States in the U.S.

Belina brings with her a corporate experience of 23 years, with 13 solid years of experience as CEO of an employment agency and a senior care service company in Southern California. Belina’s principle-centered leadership and strength in her ability to combine corporate talents pave the way for the company to achieve greater heights.

Belina has a degree in Economics from the University of St. La Salle, Philippines. In 2013, she was honored with the Los Angeles IMAGE AWARDS – an award given to emerging leaders in business, community service, arts and entertainment.

In June 2014, she was also awarded the title of Ambassador of Goodwill by the HiFi (Historic Filipinotown) Neighborhood Council. This title is bestowed to carefully selected Filipino-Americans who are persons of integrity who have the ability “to promote, reach out, influence and mobilize public interest and support of the ideals, values, principles and programs of the Historic Filipinotown.” In December 2015, she was also the recipient of the TOPLA (The Outstanding Pilipinos in Los Angeles) Award for Leadership Excellence in Human Resources.

Belina’s company has been a certified member of reputable home care associations and have been featured in Asian newspapers and other media publications all over the United States like Yahoo! News, Google, TV, radio and newspaper online due to its various accomplishments, corporate programs and contribution to the senior care industry. Belina’s vision remains solid and strategic as the company moves forward in its goal of making a positive difference in the home care industry.



Randy Clarito
Director of Business and Franchise Development

randyRandolph Clarito is the Director of Business and Franchise Development of 1Heart Caregiver Services. He is responsible for the implementation of corporate strategy to achieve the company’s desired business revenue and provides management oversight for the integrated programs within the company. Randolph is also responsible for the Continuing Professional Education Program of managers and staff of 1Heart Group of Companies. As such, Randolph is the founder of 1Heart Caregiver UniversityTM year 2011 and spearheaded the creation, design and implementation of the company’s innovative multi-phase training modules provided to all employees and caregivers.

Randolph has been selected as an Honored Member of the National Association of Distinguished Professionals USA. Randolph is equipped with 32 years of corporate experience, holding top executive positions as Chief Operating Officer (COO), Executive Vice–President, Senior Vice-President, General Manager, Trainer and Faculty Speaker as well as 8 years of being a Master Franchisor of Medicine Shoppe, and PharmaQuik, both successful multinational pharmacy chains.

Randolph has had executive trainings as COO in different countries such as St. Louis Missouri USA, Taipei, Taiwan, Philippines and other parts of Asia. Multi-awarded and recognized for his achievement he continues to make a difference through the implementation of training modules for the 1Heart Business Academy – a training program for continuing professional education for employees and Franchisees. Randolph has proven himself to be a top caliber executive, manager and leader with principles and systems he has successfully implemented and applied in companies he has worked with.


Kevin Tagarao
Vice President of Operations

Kevin1-400x453Kevin Tagarao is the Vice President of Operations of 1Heart Caregiver Services. He is responsible for the franchise support and development of the 1Heart Franchise Network and Corporate owned locations. With the vision of evolving 1Heart Caregiver Services into a premier national home care provider, Kevin has made it his focus to enhance company services and streamline corporate procedures. To improve efficiency, he has consolidated 1Heart’s core systems by facilitating the integration of new technologies. His implementation of various corporate strategies has helped improve the efficiency and effectiveness of 1Heart’s system of operations to better serve families in need of home care.

Prior to his role as Vice President, Kevin spent several years as 1Heart’s Digital Marketing Manager. His responsibilities included establishing an online web presence by spearheading the creation of 1HeartCares.com and building the foundation for various social media campaigns.

Kevin graduated from the California State University of Northridge, College of Business and Economics with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

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