How Can Sensory Changes After a TBI Can Impact Your Elderly Parent?

Many people take their senses for granted. It is simply part of your day to use your sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. If those senses are compromised, however, it becomes clear just how important they are and how much they impact daily functioning and interaction with the world. If you are a family caregiver for a senior who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, you may … [Read more...]

4 Areas of Focus Before Moving Your Elderly Loved One into Your Home

Elderly Care Rolling Hills CA A family caregiver faces a lot of tough decisions and one of them can be when it's time to move your elderly loved one into your home. If that's what you're considering doing, it can be a wonderful experience for you and your loved one both. But it's also important to look at all angles to make sure that your loved one is safe and happy. Safety of the … [Read more...]

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