How Can You Make Injuries Less Likely During Your Senior’s Daily Activities?

As your aging adult goes about her regular daily activities, keep in mind that some of those activities could be more dangerous than you realize. Here are some facts to keep in mind. Check Shower Safety The shower is dangerous because your aging family member is vulnerable there and there are so many ways that an injury can occur. Start out by adding textured in-shower mats to help … [Read more...]

Check for These Safety Risks in Your Parent’s Home

August 21 - 25 is National Safe at Home Week. When is the last time your parent’s house had a safety check up? Think about it. Your parent’s house is where they spend most of their time. Home is also the place where many injuries and accidents occur. National Safe at Home Week is a week that is dedicated to keeping homes safe from hazards that can result in serious harm, such as fire, electrical, … [Read more...]

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