Here Are the Top Signs That Your Aging Parent Needs Home Care

Many of you will be visiting your parents for the holidays. Knowing what to look out for can help determine whether your loved ones may already need help at home. Once this is realized, it might be time to start talking about getting home care services as an option. Here are the signs that your aging parent may need home care now or in the immediate future. Please refer to the infographic for … [Read more...]

Some Useful Apps for Tech Savvy Seniors

Technology is constantly changing. People are constantly creating more devices that help make difficult tasks easier to do. This is good news for the aging population that needs to simplify their day to day activities. With this regard, it is now common for seniors to use any modern mobile device such as smartphones and tablets as various applications are now being developed for either an Android … [Read more...]

Elder Abuse

Elders are regarded as vulnerable adults and share the same rights like all of us. It is the responsibility of anyone that provides care to them that they should give them the best service they can provide with the utmost respect and decency. To further safeguard the rights of elders/vulnerable adults, California legislators have put into effect Elder Abuse provisions into the new Home Care … [Read more...]

Bed Bugs and How to Keep them Away

Bed bugs are a nuisance. The presence of these somewhat tomato seed-sized insects in your home or place of work can cause much inconvenience as they regularly bite the skin of each human prey they can find and feast on their blood. Knowing this, you cannot take any chances of letting these creatures enter your premises. They breed pretty fast. Before you know it, you can have an army of bed … [Read more...]

What is Assembly Bill 1217?

On October 13th, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act of 2013 (AB 1217). This Act applied to all home care agencies who provide non-medical services to clients who, perhaps because of advanced age or physical or mental disability cannot perform activities of daily living (ADL). It mandates the licensure and regulation of home care organizations, as … [Read more...]

In Home Care – Who Pays for What?

Did You Know That Medicare and Medicaid Does Not Always Pay in Full for Your Long Term Health Expenses? A lot of people who currently have Medicare and Medicaid health care plans have the misconception that Medicare and MediCal (or MediCaid) will cover all kinds of health care expenses including in-home care. This is not the case. As we approach our senior years, the reality of needing help … [Read more...]

Dementia Shower and the Use of Positive Thinking

Getting an Alzheimer’s patient to shower can be difficult. In order to accomplish this mission you will need to learn how to be a guide, and how to use positive reinforcement. You will also need to understand you are dealing with an adult living with dementia, not a child. My mother usually resisted when I asked her to take a shower – for years. When she occasionally said something other than … [Read more...]

Please Read This First Before You Hire Help for Your Elderly

In its final decision, the United States Department of Labor has just extended the minimum wage and overtime rules to home care workers who give aid to the elderly. But these new rules (new protections) do not fully apply to all caregivers. The rules differ between a caregiver that has been hired through an agency like 1Heart Caregiver Services and a caregiver that is hired directly by a … [Read more...]

When Alzheimer’s Leads To Legal Wrangles

Memory loss is the best-known symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. But the illness can also lead to poor judgment and changes in behavior, sometimes resulting in aggressive or antisocial behaviors that can make caregiving difficult as well as lead to legal troubles like citations for traffic violations, theft and trespassing, a new study details. Families should be aware of these behaviors, experts … [Read more...]

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