Katherine Azanon

Early in life, Katherine was inspired by the results of hard work. She saw this in her mother which she considers her role model. Being financially challenged and having a big family proved to be extremely difficult so her mother decided to migrate to the US to find a better life. She admired her mother for being able to juggle between work and schooling and at the same time be a great single … [Read more...]

Josalyn Borromeo

Josalyn’s inspiration has always been her mother and her family. This has motivated her to work hard and to keep looking for better opportunities. And when the opportunity came for her to live in the U.S. she grabbed it right away. Josalyn, the eldest of 6 siblings, is a midwifery degree holder in the Philippines and has worked for some time in the healthcare industry. She originally dreamt of … [Read more...]

Dolly Cabadu

Dolly previously lived a very successful life in the Philippines long before she migrated to the U.S. A Commerce graduate major in Accounting, her remarkable 25-year tenure in the insurance industry got her to the level of being able to groom and develop quality insurance agency managers, insurance underwriters, and insurance agents. Then the time came when she realized that she had already … [Read more...]

Miriam Regil

Thirty years ago, Miriam, originally from El Salvador, migrated to the US with a dream of giving her family a good life and to get better opportunities of landing into the senior care related profession. Her dream is fueled by her desire to care for others due to her mom who serves as her role model and inspiration. Her mom has shown her great care as a hard worker and a good provider and she … [Read more...]

Ana Regular

Ana Regular was a BS Tourism graduate from one of the well-known schools in the Philippines, La Consolacion College. 31 years ago she felt that she was not able to fulfill her calling so she decided to migrate to the US in her hopes of getting a brand new start in life. And she successfully did so when she entered the Caregiving profession.  Ana has always found joy in being able to assist and … [Read more...]

Margarita Rodriguez

Our featured caregiver for this month, Margarita Rodriguez, has found the inspiration for becoming a caregiver through her daughter, Christina who in return admired her decision along with two of her siblings. Margarita’s kids have always continued to motivate her as she is fulfilling her love of caring. “I feel so happy and so blessed to have my kids that are so proud that I have chosen this … [Read more...]

Federico de Leon

On this special month we are featuring one of our best 1Heart caregivers to represent 1Heart’s Caregiver fathers. He is a loving dad who at the same time has given excellent service to his clients because of his caring nature and positive attitude. Federico de Leon took up a Commerce degree from one of the oldest and known schools in the Philippines, University of the East.  He treasures his … [Read more...]

Lerma Jacinto

Lerma Jacinto is a loving mother of one, a daughter whom she treasures dearly. While in the Philippines, she prayed every day for better opportunities so she can provide a bright future for her. In 2006, her wish was granted in the form of a green card through a petition from her brothers and sisters who have been long time residents in the US. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from a … [Read more...]

Aurora Lopez

Aurora Lopez enjoys taking care of seniors as she has already been working in home care for more than a decade. She treats seniors with utmost dignity and respect and makes sure that she is always in touch with the senior’s family to see to it that the senior’s life is happy and comfortable. Although caregiving presents its challenges, she is glad that she belongs to a supportive 1Heart team. … [Read more...]

Dania Herrera

The California native, Dania Herrera was originally a Business/Communications student. But after going through the experience of caring for a senior she decided to study nursing instead. She realized her calling and true passion was in health care and caregiving. Professions in healthcare seems to be very common within her family as most of them are enjoying very rewarding occupations in the … [Read more...]

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