Aurora Lopez

Aurora Lopez enjoys taking care of seniors as she has already been working in home care for more than a decade. She treats seniors with utmost dignity and respect and makes sure that she is always in touch with the senior’s family to see to it that the senior’s life is happy and comfortable. Although caregiving presents its challenges, she is glad that she belongs to a supportive 1Heart team. … [Read more...]

Dania Herrera

The California native, Dania Herrera was originally a Business/Communications student. But after going through the experience of caring for a senior she decided to study nursing instead. She realized her calling and true passion was in health care and caregiving. Professions in healthcare seems to be very common within her family as most of them are enjoying very rewarding occupations in the … [Read more...]

Blanca Diaz

Blanca Diaz was raised and born in the US of Mexican parents. She is by nature a very loving and jolly person and her motivation for her success in life is her husband and her two little boys whom she loves dearly. What made her choose caregiving as a profession is her dedication and passion to give cheer and positivity to people. She always looks forward to spreading a happy feeling to any … [Read more...]

Teresita Reyes

A caring mother of two sons, Teresita Reyes has longed for a better life for her family. For a while she lived away from her husband who had migrated 2 years ahead of them. Being away from her husband was extremely difficult for her as she wasn’t able to bear the loneliness. On March of 2001, Teresita and her kids finally decided to move to the US. While living in the States, she had a longing … [Read more...]

Julie Vito Cruz

Our featured caregiver for November, Julie Vito Cruz is has worked as a caregiver for 1Heart Caregiver Services for the last three years. She, together with her husband and two sons immigrated to the United States 12 years ago from the Philippines. With a bachelor’s degree in Management from the Philippine College of Commerce she worked as an Executive Assistant for a Holding Company back in the … [Read more...]

Rose Belcina

For this month we are featuring another one of our very best caregivers who has been serving as a 1Heart Caregiver for nearly a decade. Although she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in High School Education she realized that being a caregiver was the right profession for her when she began helping her aging elderly parents; bringing them to doctor’s visits and for hospital care. “It … [Read more...]

Racquel Estrada

Celebrating 10 years of working with 1 Heart Caregiver Services, we honor one of our very best caregivers who started with us on October 19, 2004. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Economics, Racquel Estrada immigrated to the United States in August 2004. Not finding an office job, she decided to take on a caregiving position offered by 1Heart. The moment she started her first job caring for … [Read more...]

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