Hospice Care

hospice care

On occasion, a family will end up seeking a form of care tailored to a loved one whose well-being will last a limited number of months. We can offer caregivers who specialize in providing end of life care to your loved ones.

There are Hospice facilities all over Greater Los Angeles that can provide comfort to your parent’s final days. Hospice care will provide the necessary adjustments one would need through palliative care with doctors, nurses, social workers, as well as therapist, counselors, and other people of various backgrounds who contribute in the end of life care.

1Heart Caregiver Services will work with the hospice organization of your choice to provide the best form of hospice care possible for your loved one. As a senior care agency, our caregivers would aid you and your team in providing palliative care through personal care, housekeeping, and companionship.

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