Protect Yourself During the Hot Summer Months

There’s nothing wrong with going outdoors to get some sunlight once in a while. In fact, now is the perfect time of year to go to the beach for relaxation and fun under the sun. But if you and your senior loved one would be staying outdoors for extended periods especially during the summer months then protection is an absolute must. Sunlight is good for our health if we do not get too much … [Read more...]

Please Read This First Before You Hire Help for Your Elderly

In its final decision, the United States Department of Labor has just extended the minimum wage and overtime rules to home care workers who give aid to the elderly. But these new rules (new protections) do not fully apply to all caregivers. The rules differ between a caregiver that has been hired through an agency like 1Heart Caregiver Services and a caregiver that is hired directly by a … [Read more...]

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