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Testimonials - Beverly Hills

Our clients love us as much as we love them! Hear what they have to say about our services.

“Excellent caregiving Agency. Owner is personally involved in all aspects of this business. Staff are a joy to work with. They are knowledgeable, efficient, learn quickly, and are pleasant. They are prompt in arriving and make sure I am able the on my own when they leave. Staff is attentive to me at all times, most particularly when we are out to a doctor appointment. ”

Kythera (April 26, 2019)

“I called them after my mom had a fall, we interviewed 2 care takers and decided they can do the job and service started the next days. That was 6 months ago and everything has been going very fine so far. Me and my brother have peace of mind now. Thank you 1Heart. ”

Hazel Marie (April 26, 2019)

“We have been very pleased with our helper from 1Heart Caregiver Services. It all seemed to be going together very well and we’re learning as we go along. The caregiver is proficient and pleasant. I would recommend them based on our experience.”

Jean (August 07, 2018)

“1Heart Agency visited me before discharge from the hospital. They explained the program and brought a caregiver to be trained by my nurse upon my discharge. The staff and my caregiver were wonderful very patient, understanding, and willing to go the extra mile for me. I received excellent care and would recommend this agency. ”

WmLo (January 28, 2018)

“Very nice people and excellent caregivers. They do a great job and are always there when needed. ”

GaryDP (September 25, 2017)

“1heart was one suggested agency to us when my mom was in the facilities getting discharged. 1heart is very accommodating and easy to deal with. They will explain everything about the service. We interview 3 Caregivers and they all well trained and experience, that’s why we decide to start the service to them. My mom is happy, Caregivers will make sure my mom is well taking care off all the time. 1heart is highly recommended . Thank your for the good service you provided.”

Melissa P. (September 20, 2017)

“Best so far. ”

Theresa A. (August 21, 2017)

“Very satisfied. Friendly, on time, and thoughtful to 91 years old. So I appreciate the patience. ”

Wendell M. (August 21, 2017)

“Guardian rehab gave me 3 companies to interview, I decided on one heart, they turned out to be professional .The caregivers are excellent, helpful they often anticipate what needs to be done. They make sure it is done They perform light housekeeping , make sure medications done on time and they see that the 3 meals a day are taking care of. I highly recommend 1 heart caregiver services.”

Frank Piontek (July 06, 2017)

“1Heart was one of the agencies suggested to us for my dad by the hospital when he was being discharged about one month a go. Their rep. is a woman who actually was a nurse herself. She explained the needed care and answered all our questions carefully. After consulting with the hospitals social worker we hired 1Heart. My dad doesn’t have any long term insurance and negotiated the rate a little and the rep. gave us a better rate. We interview 3 caregivers and now my dad has 2 live-in caregivers for 6 days a week. They are both well trained and experienced. We finally have peace of mind that my dad is in good hands.”

– Rodney B. (January 10, 2016)

“They have excellent service. The caregivers are all professional and they come in uniform. They tend to all of my mother’s needs. They prepare food for her, help her with housekeeping and help her with anything else. We haven’t had any issues with 1Heart Caregivers from day one.”

– Fred33 (October 22, 2015)

“1Heart are my primary caregivers. They provide 12-hours of service. They help me with basic things like meals, cleaning and bathing. I have one caregiver who has been with me from the beginning. He’s very reliable around the house and very attentive to my needs.”

– Anonymous118386150 (October 21, 2015)