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Our Team - Culver City

Management Team

TJ Azores
Managing Director

With more than a decade of experience in sales, operations, and logistics, TJ, along with his strong educational background (Doctorate in Business Administration) has an edge among the competition and the potential for entrepreneurial success. However, this does not mean that he is purely “all business”.

Like 1Heart’s founder, Belina C. Nernberg, he believes in putting “service for others” first and in giving back to the community. His lifelong quest of owning a business lead him to the opportunity in home care and the reason why he chose to be a 1Heart Franchisee was due to the fact that their concept of “Caring like Family” stands out from the other home care agencies.

“Growing up in a very tight knit household, I have seen the value of family members caring for one another. That is what I would like for my clients, to feel that they have a family in us.”

Bernard Reyes
Director for Operations

Bernard Reyes is a consummate professional in both the realms of ecommerce and aviation, seamlessly blending his passions into a distinguished career spanning over 15 illustrious years.

Renowned as “The E-commerce Whisperer,” Bernard possesses an innate ability to sculpt winning strategies with unparalleled finesse, propelling companies towards their goals. His clientele, spanning from corporate giants to burgeoning startups, attests to his remarkable gift in orchestrating transformative outcomes.

A graduate of De La Salle University in the Philippines, armed with a distinguished degree in Finance and Economics, Bernard’s multifaceted background extends beyond conventional bounds. Prior to his ventures in 1Heart, he orchestrated the triumph of a thriving Home Care agency, showcasing his entrepreneurial acumen.

With ambitions soaring higher than the stratosphere itself, Bernard Reyes stands ready to elevate your endeavors to unprecedented heights, ensuring that with his guidance, the sky truly becomes the starting point of your success story.