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Our Team - West Las Vegas

Management Team

Ferdie Vasquez

Ferdie Vasquez knows fully that Caregiving as a profession that imposes high demands on the individual or the company providing care. He can attribute this to his experience in the past when he and his siblings took care of his aunt who suffered multiple strokes. He believes that his love of providing care is the reason why he was able to withstand the challenge of caregiving.
Ferdie is ready to accept whichever opportunities the industry has yet to offer as he is armed with skills that he possessed and gained as a manager of various industries and as a business owner. Furthermore, he is very optimistic that he would succeed in this industry now that he is a part of a very experienced and successful franchise, 1Heart Caregiver Services.
He is impressed by the 1Heart’s professionalism and winning attitude and believes that the key to the success of his business is maintaining and improving the quality of service that has been 1Heart’s standard ever since. And now that he shares company’s passion for quality home care, his goal and mission is to be the most reliable, trusted, and dependable personal care provider in West Las Vegas. This is what he envisions in the coming months and years for his franchise.

Glenn Pajarillo
Business Development Director

Glenn is not new to home care. He had prior experience working in a home care agency back in the early 90’s. A no-nonsense guy that likes to get things done, Glenn, feels like he has a lot more to offer to the industry. His background in various fields such as Operations Management, Marketing Systems, Strategic Planning, and Sales make him a valuable asset to any organization. He has gained all these skills through his experience in working for different businesses such as airline and car rental companies.
Glenn was excited when Ferdie took him onboard his 1Heart Franchise in Las Vegas. He never thought twice about joining 1Heart especially when Ferdie told him about the 1Heart system which comprises of all the ingredients for success. Glenn believes in the system and is more than eager to apply this to his directives for the franchise.
Glenn is very glad to have been given a chance to be a part of a professional and organized company. Like Ferdie, he sees a lot of great things happening for 1Heart Las Vegas and 1Heart as a whole. He projects that their Las Vegas franchise will flourish in a few years and 1Heart will grow bigger and better than ever as it gets to be at the forefront of the industry.