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Photo of How Home Care Works


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Photo of How Home Care Works


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Home Care Services

1Heart Caregiver Circle of Care

We understand that each senior we work with has special care needs, individual preferences, and unique personalities; there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our senior care staff is based in San Mateo and available to assist you and your loved one(s) in creating a care plan that incorporates everyone’s needs while staying within your designated budget. At 1Heart Caregiver Services, our Circle of Care service program guides every step using an individualized care approach. Because of our long-standing commitment to customized care, 1Heart Caregiver Services has received numerous local and regional awards, in addition to helping hundreds of families needing professional home care.

Are you ready to explore our full menu of senior services in San Mateo and the surrounding area? We offer services starting with part-time companionship (a social-focused program ideal for seniors who benefit from spending quality time with others) ranging up to 24-hour in-home care for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. For seniors with mobility challenges, we can also help with light housekeeping chores, running errands, medication compliance, and assistance at medical appointments.

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If you’re looking for the best home care for seniors in San Mateo and the surrounding area, let us know! 1Heart Caregiver Services has some of the best client reviews of any caregiving agency throughout the region, and our senior care services are reasonably priced. Our staff knows that hiring a caregiver for aging parents or relatives is a serious decision, and we are happy to answer all questions that you and your loved one may have about the Circle of Care program. When you’re ready to talk, give us a call at (650) 800-7484. If you live in the San Mateo area, you’re welcome to visit our office and speak directly with a home care advisor. We are located at:

1050 Chestnut St., Suite 202B

Menlo Park, CA 94025

What is 1Heart Caregiver’s Circle of Care Program?

The Circle of Care program is the framework for all senior care services our office staff and professional caregivers provide. Our program guides families through seven steps beginning with the initial evaluation through the process of ongoing evaluation. This seven-step process helps ensure that our home care services are meeting the needs of all family members. The best thing that our clients love about the Circle of Care program is that it is 100% customizable and is easily modified as your family’s needs change. We encourage anyone considering our services to review each step and learn more about our unique caregiving model.


Your journey in working with 1Heart Caregiver Services starts with the in-home visit with a Client Care Manager (CCM). This initial meeting with you and your parents or loved one helps us determine what level of care and services may be beneficial. The initial evaluation stage is a great time to discuss your loved one’s physical and emotion wants and needs, as well as their concerns and fears. Your CCM uses this information to develop your individualized home care plan.


Your CCM will meet with you and your parents or loved ones to review our recommended care services. Our suggestions are based on the information provided during the initial evaluation. Please remember that the individualized care plan can be changed at any time. Your input and feedback is essential in ensuring that everyone agrees to the home care services 1Heart Caregiver Services will provide in San Mateo.


1Heart Caregiver Services’ Staffing Officer then meets with your family’s CCM to review which of our professional caregivers will best meet the agreed-upon needs outlined in your care plan.


Your CCM and 1Heart Caregiver Services’ Staffing Manager then share with you our listing of the best caregivers available to care for your parents or loved ones. Take your time to review and discuss our staffing recommendations before making your selection. As always, your input and feedback about our candidates is always appreciated!


Once you have chosen your primary caregiver(s), your CCM will set up a time to review and discuss our Service Agreement. Depending on your family’s needs, this discussion may involve the care recipient, additional family members, or legal/financial conservator. The costs outlined in the Service Agreement will reflect the senior care services you selected.


Your CCM is responsible for managing your loved one’s care and ensuring the home care services provided in San Mateo are fulfilling the details of your Service Agreement. The CCM also manages all caregivers to ensure their work quality is consistent with the professional standards of 1Heart Caregiver Services.


We understand that the physical, emotional, and social needs of your loved one may change with time. To ensure we are providing the best care, your CCM will call or email you on a regular basis to ensure all is going well and make note of any changes. At 1Heart Caregiver Services, we take pride in being “part of the family,” and through regular communication, we can quickly address any changes or needs that develop over time.

Ready to Experience the 1Heart Caregivers Difference?

If you or your loved one lives in the greater San Mateo area and would like to talk about our senior care service options, call us today. We enjoy meeting with families and learning about your specific caregiving needs.