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Our Team - Temecula

Management Team

Bryan Chopitea - MD

Bryan Chopitea
Managing Director

Bryan Chopitea has extensive knowledge in sales, marketing, and business operations acquired through years of employment and business ventures.

He decided to explore other opportunities in the U.S. and eventually learned about the growth and possibility for progress and profit in the healthcare industry. Having been able to experience the business know-hows in 1Heart Santa Barbara’s sales department firsthand, Bryan was enticed to finally get started with his own 1Heart franchise. He is, after all, a compassionate individual who has always had the heart to care for everyone around him, and the chance to be able to put up a business that does exactly that in the senior care industry is a dream come true for him.

He is determined and equally willful that his home care business will definitely be one for the books.

Rovie Chopitea
Director of Operations

Rovie Chopitea has various experience in different careers. When she was younger, she explored many opportunities and made the most out of her employment in every company and at every position and field she’s ever worked for.

Apart from being a career woman, she was also a successful entrepreneur. She owned and managed several businesses in the Philippines.

When she arrived in the U.S., she heard about 1Heart Caregiver Services through Belina Calderon-Nernberg, CEO & Founder. When Rovie found out about the franchising opportunities, she immediately promised herself that she will someday have her own 1Heart franchise one way or another.

Senior care has always been closed to Rovie’s heart as she took good care of her sick grandmother growing up.

Today, Rovie is determined to assist her husband, Bryan, in running their own 1Heart caregiver agency and be able to successfully say one day that, because of their compassion, hard work and determination, they, too, are living the American dream.

Rovie Chopitea - Operations