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1Heart Caregiver University

In its commitment to excellence, 1Heart continues to bring quality service to the senior community with caregivers who have gone through the best training and certification from its well-established institution, the 1Heart Caregiver University.
1Heart Caregiver University was founded in 2011 by CEO/Founder, Belina C. Nernberg and Training Director, Randolph Clarito.
Its objective is to provide the much-needed knowledge and skills for new caregivers as well as active caregivers to succeed in their home care profession, giving the best care for their senior clients. 1Heart provides quality education through a well-developed training curriculum and certification that is in accordance with CA State law, AB1217, also known as the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.
1Heart Caregiver University’s current curriculum includes the following topics:
1. First Aid and CPR Certification
2. Basic Health & Safety Training
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Tips for Caregivers
3. 1Heart Company Orientation
  • Company Mission & Vision
  • Core Values
  • Heart of Success
  • Company Rules and Regulations
  • HCA Compliance
  • Staffing & Payroll Administration
  • ClearCare System
Advanced Courses
  • Senior’s Rights and Safety
  • Caregiver’s Responsibilities to Senior Client
  • Caregiver Services – Best Practices
  • Brain Fitness
1Heart Caregiver University’s curriculum is an integral component of 1Heart Caregiver Services’ comprehensive program of continuing professional education and development. It is built on our values and designed to shape our employees to conform to our company’s standards and to guide our caregivers to perform the 1Heart Way.
1Heart Caregiver University’s unique training program has produced professional, highly-skilled, genuinely compassionate caregivers.
*California state law requires 5 hours of basic training and 5 hours of advanced training.