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Our clients love us as much as we love them! Hear what they have to say about our services.

“Whenever Cay is available, I would also like to have her. She was very thorough and it was great communicating with someone who was attentive and involved in actually getting the information with the doctor and nurses…I need caregivers who are like Cay. Thank you.”

Janice K. – 6/5/2018
On her father’s caregiver

“Thank you! Ramon is a terrific caregiver, very thoughtful and thorough.”

Walter R. – 2/20/2018

“I am very happy with the way Ruel Morales showed professionalism and patience in handling the start of our care for my Aunt. My Aunt is very pleased as well. For 2 years I tried getting help and care for her but with no success. Again, I am so happy for Ruel’s best efforts.”

Monica  – 11/4/2016

“Thank you for the beautiful arrangement of white flowers that you sent in honor of my mom, Maria. Thank you also for the sympathy card signed by many of the staff that personally worked with my family.

It was so thoughtful of all of you to remember us at this time. I also want to thank you for the caregivers you referred to us, especially Yolanda and Maura, both of whom cared for my mom as if she were their own mother. I am so grateful for them and other caregivers who received them during the holidays and vacations. It gave our family peace of mind knowing that your agency was there to help us with my mom’s care.

May all of you be blessed for the work that you do everyday.”


Laura Z. – 9/14/2016
Family of Client

“Thank you all for the job assignment! I am grateful and very fortunate to find a work partner in the person of Jenny, who is a very professional and work-oriented person. A partner like her is very rare.”

Dolly – 6/13/2016

“We are so fortunate that Emily is the caregiver for my father, Leonard.

Emily’s been the primary caregiver for my father for almost 4 years, starting just after my mother passed away. Emily always provides my dad with competent, gentle, and loving care , and because of her, my wife and I rest easy at night knowing that my father is getting the very best care possible.

Emily keeps my dad active, she encourages him, at age 95, to continue to walk, to continue to go activities, and she always makes sure he makes it to the weekly happy hour at the assisted care facility.

Having watched the gentle way she helps him to get up and to get in and out of cars, and the way she tends to his medical needs, I know it isn’t just a job for Emily. She truly has a loving and compassionate heart.

Emily has become like a member of our family, and without her I don’t think my dad would still be around...”

We love you,

Alan and Nancy F. and Family. – 12/16/2015

“All the girls are great! They are just really great and I love them all and I couldn’t be without them.
They are just super, super, super people. That’s all I can say. I literally rely on them for my life.”

Peggy B.– 12-09-2015
On her caregivers

“I’ve been alright with the company. They always do what’s right and do what they’re doing.”

Willy G. – 12-08-2015
On the company

“He’s the best. He’s been real helpful and he anticipates everything so I never have to…I never have a worry.
He’s good, the greatest!”

Diana C. – 12-08-2015
On her caregiver

“Me, my wife Freida, and my family would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional care and service that I have received from the Caregiver Services thru Rand – including Albert, Andy, Ramone, Jack and others that are not only my medical caregivers but also my friends and companions.

They continue to make my quality of life possible through their attention, skill and caring.

They are exceptional individuals and people.”

Thank you

Harry F. – 10/03/2014

“For the past three years, my Mom, who has Alzheimer’s, has had the same extraordinary people from Caregiver Services taking care of her.  They treat my Mom with so much respect and compassion, that we’ve dubbed them our “angels.”  Caregiver Services has truly given me and my sister’s complete peace of mind with respect to our Mother’s overall care.  And that’s a priceless gift! We’ve recommended them to several friends and family members who are also receiving ideal care for their loved ones.

Thank you Ana, for everything you do for my Mom.”


Susan C. – 8/15/2013
(Daughter of Helen Roseman)

“My father cared for my aged mother, who has dementia, until his death last June. When he passed away, we faced a family crisis. We wanted my mother, aged 90, to remain in her home of over 60 years but she could not live alone. After contacting several agencies we decided to interview Caregiver Services. I am so happy we did. Caregiver Services came out to the house with Maria, a cheerful, friendly, personable woman who immediately befriended my mother. Maria was great from the start.

However, because my mother requires care 24/7, we also needed a “reliever” caregiver so Maria could have some time off. We were not happy with the first reliever caregiver. Caregiver Services immediately provided a second reliever caregiver to try out. We ended up trying out and rejecting three reliever caregivers until we found Arcy, the sweetest, kindest, most pleasant woman imaginable. Arcy is a jewel.

I would like to thank Caregiver Services for their patience and understanding as we went through the process of trying out different caregivers. Caregiver Services tried hard to find the right caregivers for us and never lost patience. My mother is now 91 and, with the help of Maria and Arcy, is happy and content living in her own home.

We have no hesitation in recommending Caregiver Services and would be willing to talk to anyone who would like more information.”

Best regards,

Ellen G. – 5/01/2011
Family of Client

“Almost six years ago, when my mother was in her early stages of dementia, I contracted with Caregiver Services and Homecare, and have been very happy with their caregivers they have provided ever since. A few years ago, my father also became in need of a caregiver and since then, we have had the same caregivers for the past three years now. These caregivers help my parents with their daily activities, such as bathing, dressing, cooking, shopping, eating and overall companionship and friendship.

Whenever I come over to visit with my parents, which is daily, they are always clean, fed, dressed and very happy. My mother laughs, sings, dances and has a great time with both of her caregivers, and my father is never left alone, walks, reads, exercises and has long conversations with his caregivers. Both of my parents, go out for daily   walks, sit in the sun, and go out for outdoor outings a few times a week and their caregivers always go with them and are more like family to them, than helpers. They are very kind, sincere, attentive, professional and most of all responsible.

For those of you that have elderly parents, it can be very sad and hard to watch the people you love most in this world slow down and not be able to care of themselves they way they use to, where ordinary routine daily activities become a lot more difficult for them, but with the help, and encouragement of their caregivers, I know that my parents feel fine, happy are more accepting of their condition, and know and feel that they are well taken care of, respected, honored and loved daily.

Thank you CAREGIVER SERVICES and HOMECARE for helping me provide an environment for my parents that they dreamed about and wanted and planned for in their old age. Nothing makes me happier than to know that my parents are so well taken care of, but mainly that they can and will stay in their own home together with such wonderful and caring people at their side on all levels, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I need not worry.

Thank you Lorena, Delite, Eric and J.R. I love you all with all my heart and soul and am so grateful to have you as my family and friends.”

Maurice F.
(son of Abram and Sally F.) – 11/05/2010

“The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased we are with the caregiving services you’ve been providing for Mrs. H.  for the past two months. Perhaps you will recall how apprehensive I was about finding the right person for Mrs. H.

Well, I’m so pleased to tell you that your caregiver, Milagrosa, is a “delight”. She’s one of the most loving persons I’ve ever known. She treats Mrs. if she was her own mother; she even calls her “mama”. What’s also so wonderful is her constant smiling; it becomes contagious.

Also, just as important as her personality is how hard she works. She finds time for everything and keeps the house spotless.

It’s a great feeling to be able to tell you all this.”

Very truly yours,

Marvin H. – 3/30/2007

 “I highly recommend Caregiver Services.

My mother entered an assisted living residence in Santa Monica in October, 2004, after having surgery on a broken hip. She also has dementia, so she cannot remember that she cannot use her walker without supervision. She tries to leave her chair and walk when she is left alone in the daytime. At night she occasionally tries to get out of bed and falls.

When she fell for about the third time, I sought private caregivers to supervise her and provide companionship. The facility has 4-5 caregivers for 28 residents on the memory care floor, but my mother enjoys sitting in her own room watching television or listening to music, rather than having to sit out in the common living room. In her private room she needs supervision.

Caregiver Services immediately sent high quality caregivers, who became acquainted with my mother and her needs. For a year, I hired three caregivers: one for 6am to 6pm, one for the night shift, and one for the weekends. All three caregivers were kind, cheerful, and competent. They were also strong enough to lift my mother from her chair to her wheelchair or onto the toilet–and they are so patient with her!

As my mother has become weaker and also has learned the rules of her residence, she now only needs care for eight hours per day. At night she can be relied on to stay in bed, and in the day she can be placed in a recliner and generally does not try to climb out of it and end up falling.

I want to encourage anyone seeking elder care to try Caregiver Services.”


Anne E. – 6-20-2005
Family of Client

“Caregiver Services provided full-time care for an elderly (97) man for a year and ten months until his death. We had tried three other agencies and about ten other caregivers before we were referred to Caregiver Services. From the beginning of our association we were struck with the quality of the caregivers we provided and their flexibility in providing for the needs of their client. We were impressed by their attention to their staff – ensuring that they had the training and tools they needed and were comfortable in the situation.

Caregiver Services provided the primary caregiver. The client’s grandson provided care two or three days per week. In the rare event that either of these individuals was unavailable, California Medical Resources supplied an excellent substitute, even once using someone from another agency.

The care provided included dressing, bathing, toiling, preparing meals, taking the client out for “walks” in his wheelchair – and sharing lunch at local cafes, and helping the client to do some walking. One of the important things the caregiver did was to encourage the client to talk, play cards, and to interact with those around him. Left on his own he would have slept all the time.

Towards the end, the client became increasingly agitated and would wake up several times during the night. The caregivers were patient and understanding.

We have no hesitation in recommending Caregiver Services and would be willing to talk to anyone who would like more information.”


Frederica C.
Mill Valley, CA

“Anna Villahermosa was the Supervising CNA in charge of providing the caregivers for my father, Jerry from October, 2006-December 1, 2007. She selected the nurse’s assistants who delivered 24 hour care. In addition to being the supervisor, Ana was also a provider for my father. One of the caregivers she chose was Ana Regular. It is difficult for me to put into words the superb care and assistance they both gave to my father. They treated him with such dignity, as if he was their own father. They gave him his medicine, they kept in constant contact with our family, provided excellent living conditions, advocated for his every single need, and loved him.

There was never a moment when our family felt my father was not receiving everything possible to make him comfortable and happy as possible. My father was suffering from end stage Parkinson’s disease which required the best care we could possibly find. It was clearly obvious that my father felt he could not have received anything more than Ana Villahermosa and Ana Regular gave him. These words and feelings were rare for my father to express, and therefore; we knew how dear these women were to him.

Without saying it, in his own way we knew he loved them for the incredible care they offered him. During the last days of his life, they were there for my dad in the hospital, and the hospice care at the very end. All future recipients of their service will be very fortunate. and will come to realize they have the best caregivers possible. On behalf of my family, I wish Ana Villahermosa and Ana Regular happiness and success in their careers and lives.”



Scott W.
Family of Client

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