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Elderly Companionship Services

An elderly companion is there when your parent or loved one just needs someone to talk to and offer some support. 1Heart Companion Home Care gives seniors the opportunity to enjoy positive social interactions with qualified caregivers who are cheerful, friendly, kind, patient, and compassionate. We make finding a companion for an elderly person an easy, stress-free process.


A young woman playing cards with an elderly couple

Social Support

Sometimes, all an elderly person needs is someone to lend an ear. Boosting your loved one’s mental health by providing uplifting social interactions in a protective, supervisory setting is the entire point of our nursing home-friendly companionship services.

Additionally, our caregivers can provide a number of other elderly companion services, including the following:

  • Assistance preparing a snack or meal
  • Help with light chores and housekeeping
  • Transportation and shopping trips with a focus on supervision and companionship

The benefits of strong social support for the elderly can’t be overstated. Regular, positive sources of companionship have been shown to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. It may also help improve memory and longevity.

Group classes can go a long way toward providing this social support. However, some aging people either don’t have access to these types of gatherings or can’t go due to health reasons. Elderly companion services help fill this gap and meet these social needs. Their designated caregiver is there to help them with whatever task or hobby they want to pursue.

Not only that but hiring a caregiver provides dozens upon dozens of options for enhancing your loved one’s life.

Endless Possibilities

An elderly companion is much more than just a companion and assistant. They’re gateways to a more normal, enriching life. Our caregivers help your parent to continue enjoying their passions and hobbies. From out-loud reading and gardening to playing games and attending events, elderly companion services help seniors to stay active and excited about all that life has to offer.

One of the largest stressors of aging can be feeling like a burden on those around you. Enrolling your loved one in a private home or nursing home companionship services helps alleviate this feeling. Our caregivers are happy to spend time with the elderly in their care. It’s a fulfilling relationship for both our staff and your parent.

Give the Gift of Companionship

If your family member could use some company, our caregivers are more than happy to oblige. You’ll be amazed by how elderly companion services, social activities, and the possibilities for how to spend their days can really help an elderly person to feel young again.

If you have any questions or requests or need help finding a companion for an elderly person in your life, give us a call at 1 (844) 814-3278 or message us online through our contact form. Match your loved one with an elderly companion today.