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Our Core Values

Our Core Values
Caregivers under our organization are able to provide professional quality care due to extensive training. Because of our recruiting standards and targets, from the start, we receive applicants who tend to be CNA/HHA/LVNs with a diverse background. Our 1Heart Caregiver University training, along with our professional development sessions allows all staff to conduct themselves in a professional standard in both attitude and practice. 
The 1Heart Circle of Care guarantees continuance of care for clients from a rehabilitation facility or hospital, back to their home. Circle of Care offers full responsibility and accountability for caregivers assigned with dedicated client care managers that ensure that families we serve are fully informed and assisted in the challenges they are facing. Clients are served with utmost care and professional responsibility as agreed in the Plan of Care aimed at serving the best interests of the client and prevents hospital re-admission.
The dedicated care team responsible for the well-being of our clients is primarily comprised of our HR team, Client Care Managers, and Caregivers. We believe it is of the utmost importance that every member of the care team is on top of their duties in order to provide reliable services to our senior clients. By developing a culture of accountability and teamwork, every staff is able to efficiently and effectively work together in providing reliable quality care. Our clients can rely upon on every person of the 1Heart Family as a dependable source ready to help and always guarantee peace of mind.
Our Trusted and Dedicated 1Heart Team
HR and Staffing Managers
Our Recruitment Specialists and Staffing Managers are responsible for recruiting, vetting, training and matching caregivers with clients. They work with Client Care Managers to oversee all aspects of staffing, supervising and coordinating client care.

Client Care Managers
Client Care Managers oversee clients’ care, ensuring the highest standard of professionalism, reliability and responsibility from our caregivers as well as the Staffing team. Client Care Managers performs the Care Assessment and creates the Plan of Care that will best serve the needs of the care recipient. He or she works directly with families as well as coordinates with health care professionals in charge of the care recipient’s health to make sure that the Plan of care for the senior is met.
We choose our caregivers carefully. We employ caregivers who are not only experienced, well-trained but also those who have the compassion to care for those in need. Our roster of caregivers has a diversity of personalities, skills, experience, and credentials.
Not only do we perform rigorous screening to find the most reliable, qualified and compassionate caregivers in the industry, but we also regularly train our caregivers to enhance their skills and ensure our client’s safety, health and wellness through our 1Heart Caregiver University.
All our caregivers are employees and bonded and insured for your protection. We are responsible for our caregivers’ payroll taxes and workers’ compensation insurance and employee benefits.