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Testimonials – Thousand Oaks

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Testimonials - Thousand Oaks

Our clients love us as much as we love them! Here's what they have to say about our services.

“I have to complement you on your staff. each one has been stellar. They have all been so kind to him and very good at communicating with him regardless of his hearing loss. They anticipate his needs and work with him to make sure he does still confused or upset about anything. So glad God led me to your company!!! .”

Cyndi P. – 09/24/2021

“TJ and Pia provided expert (and caring) caregivers to my father for 2+ years. They also provided valuable guidance and education as our family traveled along my father’s Alzheimer’s journey. Dad is now in a memory care facility but I know 1Heart has our back and will be a continued resource.”

Chris K. – 08/06/2021

“TJ and Pia of 1Heart provided caregivers for my mother to help her through the night and take her to appointments for the past 2 years. TJ, Pia, and their caregivers were kind and reliable and provided a much needed service.  I would recommend their caregiving services to anyone seeking assistance for their loved ones.”

Andrew E. – 08/03/2021

“I highly recommend 1Heart Westlake Village! The caregivers who took care of my father were wonderful. They kept him impeccably clean and doted on his every need. My father adored them. The office staff is also great. Everyone I met was very accommodating and easy to work with.”

Susan S. (Oak Park, CA) – 08/02/2021

Words cannot accurately convey my sincere gratitude for TJ, Edward and Darrell of 1Heart Caregivers Services. Darrell and Edward provided nearly round the clock nursing services for my father as he faded from the advanced complications of dementia. Confused and anxious, my father was just too much for my mother the handle. She needed rest. She needed a short break from the 24-hour care she had provided the last two years. Our family needed help. TJ and 1Heart Caregivers Services stepped in.

Dementia sufferers often sleep during the day and are up all or most of the night. Darrell and Edward stepped in and cared for my father, giving my mother some much-needed rest. Not only did they sit with him, they engaged him with activities keeping his anxiety at bay. Darrell and Edward provided a sense of security which only comes when the caregivers are experienced, caring and competent.

Darrell and Edward are professional, patient and passionate at what they do. They provided me detailed notes on my fathers rapidly deteriorating condition. This allowed me to relay critical information to my father’s doctors and make numerous corrections to his medications. Their phone calls to me reassured me that my father was in safe hands. I could always count on TJ to coordinate the care we needed and often at the last minute.

1Heart Caregivers Services is outstanding in a difficult but crowded profession. My father passed quietly and peacefully. 1Heart Caregivers Services is a guiding light for a family’s most difficult journey.”

Gary Z. – 11/19/2020