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June 9, 2017

What is Aphasia?

Have you known anyone who has recovered from a stroke or brain injury but noticed that they are now having trouble speaking or communicating? This is […]
April 11, 2017

Pet Therapy for Seniors

A Natural Interaction There is a pre-existing human-animal bond involved with pet therapy. People are happier and healthier when they are in the presence of animals. […]
October 31, 2016

Is Your Sense of Direction Faltering? This May Be a Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease

Research proves that the longer your driving experience to more places, the better developed your sense of direction will be. This skill improvement is attributed to […]
June 15, 2016

Alzheimer’s Tidbits

What is Alzheimer’s     – Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. – It is the most common […]