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1Heart Dallas Texas Will Soon Serve The Senior Community

1Heart South Bay Ribbon Cutting
March 1, 2017

1Heart Dallas Texas Will Soon Serve The Senior Community

The Dallas Texas senior community will soon benefit from 1Heart Caregiver Services’ quality care.

The 1Heart Corporate Group continues to grow as 1Heart Caregiver Services will soon be serving the senior community in Dallas Texas. On April 20, 2017, Kristi and Darin Kite became the company’s newest addition to its increasing list of Franchisees.

Kristi Kite found out about 1Heart when she was looking for an agency to help her care for her mom who has Alzheimer’s. She saw a team of dedicated, passionate and persistent individuals that are committed to fulfilling their client’s needs. At that time Kristi and Darin were planning on having their own business and this inspired them to choose home care with 1Heart as a franchisee.

“Darin and I long dreamed of owning a business and was inspired of getting into an industry that won’t just provide care services to seniors but the right kind of care just like what I have for my mother. We believe that by opening a 1Heart location in Dallas that we can extend their quality care. Their business structure is well-organized and we are very glad to belong to a team that is willing and ready to help. We’re excited and we can’t wait to have our 1Heart location fully operational in the coming months.” says Kristi.

Randolph Clarito, Director of Business and Franchise Development, is happy about this new development and is very optimistic about their new Franchisee.

1Heart Caregiver Services continues to spread its advocacy of care and compassion for seniors to more regions in the United States. We know that Dallas Texas is one of the locations that can benefit from our services due to its growing senior population and I’m so glad that 1Heart is finally set to open in that area. Kristi and Darin are determined to bring the same kind of quality care that our company is known for and I am proud to welcome them to the 1Heart Corporate Group as our newest franchisee.” says Randolph.

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