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1Heart is Awarded Best in Home Care

Belina C. Nernberg, CEO/Founder of 1Heart Caregiver Services
1Heart’s CEO Receives the 2017 Outstanding Filipino Americans in the USA Award
February 2, 2018

1Heart Caregiver Services received another award for this year. This time the company garnered the 2018 Spotlight Award for Best in Home Care.

Kevin Tagarao (VP of Operations - 1Heart Caregiver Services) receives the award on the company's behalf

Kevin Tagarao (VP of Operations – 1Heart Caregiver Services) receives the award on the company’s behalf

The Spotlight Awards held last May 20, in Whittier, CA was established to recognize carefully selected and diverse range of honorees and awardees who have displayed excellence in business, entertainment, and the community. This award-giving organization was designed to identify and honor the successful businesses and extraordinary talents in local entertainment, and leading community organizations in the Fil-Am Community in Southern California.

1Heart gets this 2018 award for the distinction of being one of the companies who has shown great success in their respective industries. Throughout its many years of providing exceptional home care service in Los Angeles, 1Heart was also able to bring their success to their other franchisee locations within Southern California and Nevada.

1Heart’s Vice President of Operations, Kevin Tagarao was present during the event and received the award on the company’s behalf. He was proud of 1Heart’s staff’s efforts and attributes this recognition due to everyone’s dedication to work, the company’s streamlined business process, and quality training. He also attributes this recognition particularly to the caregivers who have done their best to uphold the company’s brand and good standing by providing quality home care service even in the most demanding conditions.

“I’d like to recognize not only our corporate staff who have done a great job these past couple months but also to our caregivers who I admire for their dedication to their work and compassion for our senior clients. Our caregivers are required to perform extraordinary work for seniors who suffer from an array of debilitating health conditions. Taking care of a human life is no easy feat. Yet every day they devote themselves to providing compassionate care to the loved ones of many families. I have nothing but the highest regard for individuals who dedicate their lives to the safety, comfort, and care of other people.”

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