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1Heart Thought Behind the Quote - “Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”
1Heart Thought Behind the Quote -“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”
June 13, 2018
Inspirational Quotes for Taking Care of Elderly Parents
July 13, 2022

1Heart Thought Behind the Quote -“Bloom where you are planted”

1Heart Thought Behind the Quote - “Bloom where you are planted”

According to Charlotte Baseleres, this quote from St. Francis de Sales personally meant a lot, especially during her early years as part of the workforce. Charlotte had already put her heart and soul into getting a job in Human Resources. Unfortunately, the available jobs at that time weren’t related to the position she longed for, and the reason she took on those non-HR related jobs was due to her eagerness to start earning right away.

She was frustrated, moving from one job to the next, working as a bank teller, call center agent, administrative manager, and executive secretary. Each time she switched jobs, she complained to her mom that she was not getting the break she wanted in terms of her career. Her mom sensed Charlotte’s disappointment and offered her some of the best advice she had ever given her, in the form of this quote. She also told Charlotte that whatever the job, she should always put in her best and deliver results.

Although eventually, Charlotte did get the home caregiver agency position she was dreaming of, she realized that after years in HR, she had another calling. She landed a better position as the 1Heart Caregiver Services Marketing Lead, after several years of being with the company. By then, she had all the skills acquired through working different jobs under her belt–making her a jack-of-all-trades. To this day, Charlotte is grateful for her mom’s quote and advice. She particularly enjoys her caregiver marketing job.

“This is how I learned and trained myself to do things and acquired, on my own, the skills I needed to do a great job. I wanted to share this quote to remind the readers that you have to make the most out of a situation because someday you will realize that you went through what you went through in preparation for your greatness. I feel empowered each time I think about this quote, and I know for a fact that wherever life places me, I know I can thrive. My mom loves writing quotes every week on a magnetic notepad stuck on our fridge. This was one of the quotes she intentionally left there for months, and I am glad that she did as it has continued to inspire me. I do hope it inspires you fellow jacks-of-all-trades; those who have taken or are about to take a leap of faith; and to those who believe.”

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