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Homecare Pasadena CA - Helping Your Senior Understand Her Fall Risk Can Improve Her Overall Safety
Helping Your Senior Understand Her Fall Risk Can Improve Her Overall Safety
September 24, 2018
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Are You Ready to Be a Caregiver?
October 1, 2018

Counter Balance Problems to Mitigate Falls

Senior falls are the leading cause of injury among seniors. In fact, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), an older American adult falls every second every day and that the number of fall-related injuries and deaths may further increase if we do not take adequate steps to prevent them.

Elderly male exercising with hula hoopInjuries and death through falling may be due to health conditions that may have contributed to the senior’s loss of balance. These may be brought about by diseases or impairments such as:

• Vision Problems – causes unsteadiness
Parkinson’s Disease also causes unsteadiness
Migraine causes dizziness
• Vertigo – also causes dizziness
• Cardiovascular disease – causes a significant drop in blood pressure
• Vestibular problems – inner ear problems lead to a false sensation of motion

Early detection of any disease or impairment that can cause falls is always the first step towards its prevention.

Here are some recommended steps you can take:

1) Seek consultation from a medical professional for your senior. They can help check if your senior has any form of disease or impairment that may cause them to lose their balance and fall.
2) Make sure that your senior follows all of the doctor’s prescriptions. These may include medication, proper diet, and exercise depending on the health and fitness level of the senior.

Below are some of the balance exercises that they can recommend:

Seniors exercising• Cardio Endurance
• Strength and Power Training
• Balance
• Flexibility
• Walking
• Water Aerobics
• Fitness Classes

For more information about these balance exercises please click on the article title link below:
“You Don’t Have to Fall”

A downloadable PDF is also available here

“…an older American adult falls every second every day.”

CDC - Centers for Disease Control

If your senior’s condition requires added help most especially if their mobility is hampered by any form of physical or mental impairment, then we recommend that you supplement your senior’s care with home care support from a reputable and licensed home care agency.

Choose an agency that provides caregivers that are properly trained to help prevent your senior from falls.



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