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Packing for the Emergency

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Packing for the Emergency

Elder Care West Hills CA

Elder Care West Hills CAIt is one of the most stressful times you can encounter when caring for an elder parent. Whether through an injury, sudden illness, or chronic disease that has suddenly taken a turn for the worse, the moment—or many of them—will undoubtedly come when your parent will need to be rushed to the emergency room. Knowing what to take with you and having these items in order will make this event a little easier to bear and your parent will be the better for it.

List of Medications

Make sure to have a list compiled of your parent’s medications. This includes prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter medicines and supplements. Note the time they take them and the dose. You do not need to bring the actual medication as hospitals are required to supply this for safety precautions.

List of Allergies

If your parent has had reactions to any medications, foods, beverages or skin ointments, compile these on a list of allergies. Include the severity of the allergy and reaction.

Health Care Providers

Keep a list of your parent’s primary healthcare providers. This includes doctors, specialists, and therapists. Note any treatment they may be currently be under and the diagnosis involved.

Photo Copies

Keep a photo copy of your parent’s ID as well as a copy of any insurance information including supplemental. Also include copy of legal documents such as their DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order or power of attorney declarations.


It’s a good idea to obtain duplicate items that include eyeglasses, hearing aids, or other equipment your parent uses to cope on a daily basis. Hand-held lights or magnifying glasses can also be included in this bag. If they have been transported by ambulance, be sure to grab any of their mobility devices they may use such as a cane or walker.

Away from Home

Helping your loved one feel as comfortable as possible will help diminish any fear and discomfort that comes from a trip to the hospital. These may include a robe, slippers, blanket and favorite book.

As the family caregiver, you are usually the go-to as far as keeping the family informed. Try to make it a little easier on yourself by developing a phone tree early in the process. This allows you to call one member of the family who can then pass any information along to other family members while you take the lead in caring for the needs of your parent.

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