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Elders Can Stay Mentally Sharp with These Tips

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January 30, 2017
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Elders Can Stay Mentally Sharp with These Tips

Elderly Care West Hills CA

Elderly Care West Hills CAFor most elders, their memory and alertness is often affected as they get older. While some of these elderly adults could have a medical condition that is diminishing their mental health, there are several ways most seniors can boost their memory and mental sharpness.

The secret to making this a possibility for your elderly loved one is by being social, as well as physical activity and brain challenging activities. With the help of an elderly care provider and these tips, your loved one will also have a boost in their memory and alertness.

Get moving. Exercise is a great way to help your aging parent stay both physically and mentally healthy. Encourage the elder to go for daily walks, join a fitness class, or begin swimming for their health.

Socialize. Socializing will keep the mind challenged and alert through the constant interactions the elder will receive from others. They can get together with family members or friends regularly, join a class at the senior center, or find out what activities are offered at their church or community center.

Have frequent family gatherings. Show the elder how much they are loved through frequent family gatherings, especially if there are grandchildren involved. Children especially have a way of keeping your parent young, so let them spend as much time with these younger generations as possible.

Learn to use technology. If you or other family members do not live near the elder, teach them to use technology in order to stay connected. This may include video chatting services, like Skype, email, or social media. This will allow the elder to know what is going on in your life, even if you live a long ways from where they are.

Get a pet. Dogs and cats require constant care and attention, which may be the perfect way to give the elder a purpose in life once again. The pet may also require frequent walks, giving the elder the motivation they need to exercise more. Animals have also been shown to reduce depression and agitation in older adults.

Play brain-challenging games. Keep their mind active through word or jigsaw puzzles. Your loved one can also get their friends together to play games, like Scrabble, cribbage, or card games. Not only will your elderly loved one have fun playing them, but they will also be exercising their mind.

Volunteer. If your loved one is physically and mentally able to, volunteering will allow them to do some good for their community, while also adding meaning to their life. The elder will also have the opportunity to meet and connect with other volunteers.


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