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Maintaining Boundaries in Your Home When Your Parent Moves In

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October 1, 2018
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Maintaining Boundaries in Your Home When Your Parent Moves In

Moving your aging parent into your home with you and your family can be an extremely beneficial choice for them, and for the rest of your family. When you are together, you can save time, energy, and effort, and enjoy the benefits of spending quality time together, bonding your relationships, and making memories you can cherish.

Home Care Services Hacienda Heights CA - Maintaining Boundaries in Your Home When Your Parent Moves In

Home Care Services Hacienda Heights CA – Maintaining Boundaries in Your Home When Your Parent Moves In

Even though this can be an exceptional choice for everyone involved, it can also be challenging. Merging your family can present difficult situations, but by preparing for these situations before your parent moves in, you can help to ease this tension and make the transition smoother.

One of the most important ways you can do this is by maintaining boundaries within your home. Setting firm boundaries about the use of the home for everyone involved preserves privacy, ensures respect, and reduces the chances of uncomfortable situations among your family as you are getting accustomed to this new arrangement.

Use these tips to help you maintain boundaries in your home when your parent moves in:

  • Ensure your parent has a private space within the home to call their own. This space should be set aside specifically for them, not for other uses, and be separate from other areas of the home. Your parent should be able to close the door for privacy, and should not have to contend with other uses for the space, including other items stored in it.
  • Make sure your partner and children know they are not to enter your parent’s space without their express permission. This is particularly important if that area of the home was previously used for something else. They are not to go into the room and are not to expect to be allowed to use the room.
  • Clearly express areas of the home where your parent should not enter. They should know they are kept to the same privacy standards as the rest of the family, and should not enter anyone else’s bedroom without express permission. If there are other areas of the home you do not want your parent to enter, such as an office, make sure they know that clearly from when they move in.
  • Establish a protocol of knocking. Everyone in the family should understand the importance of knocking on any closed door and waiting for permission before opening the door.
  • Establish rules regarding chores. It is likely your parent has very set ways regarding how to take care of a home. This does not mean you have to change the way you do things when they come to live with you. Let them know your routine for cleaning and organizing the house, and establish the boundary that they are not to change those routines or procedures.
  • Ensure they know they are not to move or rearrange things without your permission, and are not to do or redo chores without you asking them to. This will help to keep the way you run your household consistent, which is more comfortable for everyone involved.

Starting home care services for your parent is not about you not wanting to be a family caregiver, or not caring about the care they receive. Instead, introducing a home care services provider into your care approach for your parent is a means to support the highest quality of life for your senior as they get older. The customized services of this type of care provider are specifically designed with your parent as an individual in mind.

This means the services are specific to their challenges, limitations, personality, preferences, and goals. These services empower your aging parent to take care of their health, pursue hobbies and other activities, and enjoy more independence throughout their later years. As a family caregiver, this can give you a tremendous sense of confidence and peace of mind knowing your parent is getting everything they need both when they are with you and when that they are not.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Whittier CA, please contact the caring staff at 1Heart Care Services today.

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