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Feeling Stressed? Hire a Home Care Services Provider

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Feeling Stressed? Hire a Home Care Services Provider

Fatima’s father has been dealing with the after-effects of his heart attack for more than six months and now requires assistance with various daily tasks. While Fatima wants to help her father as much as possible, she’s finding it hard to juggle his frequent needs with her own responsibilities to work and her fiancé. As her father’s daily needs became more abundant, Fatima felt stressed all the time. Not only did she battle constant headaches and insomnia, she recognized that she was experiencing mood swings and anxiety about most aspects of her life.

When Fatima realized that she was battling chronic caregiver stress in relation to her duties, she knew she needed to find some help. As she looked into hiring professional at home caregivers, Fatima hoped that the professional assistance would give her the respite she needed to work on her stress levels.

Home Care Services Huntington Beach CA - Feeling Stressed? Hire a Home Care Services Provider

Home Care Services Huntington Beach CA – Feeling Stressed? Hire a Home Care Services Provider

It’s common for family caregivers who look after an aging parent to suffer from chronic caregiver stress. Not only are the elderly adult’s daily needs often challenging to deal with because of physical health issues, it can be difficult for adult children to switch to the caregiving role with an aging parent. The physical and mental toll on a family caregiver’s daily life can result in exhaustion, worry, frustration, guilt and fatigue that doesn’t end. Without some relief, the family caregiver’s health is at risk, as well.

Can Home Care Services Providers Really Alleviate Stress?

The number one reason why family caregivers experience so much stress when helping elderly parents is because they usually take on all the responsibility themselves. While other family members may pitch in on certain things, the family caregiver with the most stress is the one who doesn’t have any help. With a professional at home caregiver services on hand, however, family caregivers have someone reliable and experienced to assist with their daily duties.

After locating a reputable agency, the family caregiver will work out a schedule with the home care services provider. Some people only need respite for a few hours every week, while others require daily help. It all depends on the elderly adult’s health needs and what the family caregiver requires. Regardless, the at home caregiver services provider will be a dependable and experienced asset to any senior’s household routine. Then, family caregivers have the time to pursue their self-care activities and de-stress.

Home Care Services Providers Help in Many Ways

Home care services providers do more than just sit with the aging adult, although that social and companionship aspect is important. Home care services providers can come in the morning or evening to help the aging adult take a bath or shower, get dressed and go through grooming activities. In addition to the physical care of the aging adult, care providers can also help out with light housework, preparing meals and snacks, and even do a little laundry. Family caregivers don’t have to return to more work when an elder care provider is on the job.

Family caregivers won’t have to choose between maintaining their own health and wellness or that of their aging parent if they hire home care services providers to help out. This greatly alleviates the caregiver stress that can set in when family members attempt to take it all on themselves.

If you or an aging loved one are considering Home Care Services in Huntington Beach CA, please contact the caring staff at 1Heart Caregiver Services today.

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