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Eliminating and Preventing Back Pain Among Seniors

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October 17, 2016
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Eliminating and Preventing Back Pain Among Seniors

Home Care Services Rancho Palos Verdes CA

Home Care Services Rancho Palos Verdes CABack pain is just one of the many aches and pains older adults endure as they get older. What these adults may not realize is their back pain probably began when they were in their 30s and 40s, but progressively got worse as time went on. The agonizing pain this may cause your loved one could make it challenging for them to continue doing their everyday tasks. They may need the help of a home care services provider to help with these responsibilities.

There are numerous reasons your loved one may be suffering from back pain, some are preventable and some are not. With their doctor’s approval, here are some postures that have been shown to help eliminate back pain.

Eliminating Back Pain

Refrain from slouching in your chair. When sitting, encourage the elder to keep their back straight by flattening the mid-back and straightening the neck. This works because the 24 vertebrae in the spine are able to maintain their puck-like form when sitting straight. However, if the elder sits hunched over, their vertebrae will end up squishing the disks into wedge shapes, causing an increase in pain.

Stand up. Similar to sitting, the elder needs to stand with their back straight instead of slouching. Their weight should be evenly distributed between their feet with the knees slightly bent to prevent the elder from swaying.

Bend over carefully. Back pain can even occur if the elder is bending wrong. By keeping the back straight and tilting the hips forward, they will be able to do this. Make sure they are only picking up light items in order to prevent straining their back.

Preventing Back Pain

Maintain a healthy weight. Elders who are overweight or obese are putting more pressure on their joints and back. By shedding the unwanted weight, your loved one will be able to significantly reduce their pain.

Exercise. Exercising is an excellent way to keep the muscles, joints, abdomen, and back strong. Not to mention how much physical activities can help reduce stress levels.

Get a medical exam. Back pain could also be the symptom of a much more serious health condition. The only way to know for sure if this is the cause of the elder’s pain is by getting a full medical workup. The doctor will be able to check for a number of medical conditions and diseases in order to find out if any of them are behind the elder’s back pain.

Back pain can be a serious problem and one that can affect how the elder lives their life. Keep these tips in mind and talk to their doctor to come up with more solutions to their chronic pain.


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