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Four Common Health Concerns You Might Not Notice

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Four Common Health Concerns You Might Not Notice

You take excellent care of your loved one but there can still be health issues behind the scenes that neither of you are aware of at all. This isn’t your fault and it doesn’t make you a bad caregiver. What you can do is watch for signs as much as you can and make sure your senior is getting the care she needs.

Homecare Manhattan Beach CA - Four Common Health Concerns You Might Not Notice

Homecare Manhattan Beach CA – Four Common Health Concerns You Might Not Notice

Cognitive Concerns

Cognitive skills involve being able to learn, remember, think, and reason and most elderly people find that they lose at least a little of their cognitive function as they age. Cognitive impairment is subtle; you won’t necessarily notice it right away. Cognitive diseases include Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but there are other memory and cognition problems as well, including those that occur because of injury.

Mental Health Concerns

There is a difference between cognitive diseases and mental health issues. Many elderly people are mentally sound their entire lives but become depressed as they age. There are numerous reasons for this, including loss of cognitive function, independence, and socialization. If you notice that your senior isn’t eating as well as usual or she seems withdrawn or is having trouble sleeping, depression may be a part of the problem.


Malnutrition is not a sign that you’re not doing your job as a caregiver. Your senior becomes less active as she ages and that can cause her to eat less or to choose foods that are lower in nutritive value. Your senior may also experience other problems, such as losing their sense of taste, and that can cause her to eat far less than she really should. One solution to trouble with nourishment is to hire homecare providers to take over meal preparation. This frees up time and energy for your senior and homecare providers have an understanding about how seniors need to eat.

Oral Health Concerns

Even if your loved one brushes her teeth regularly, dental health is a big concern. Your elderly family member may experience dry mouth due to medications, which can cause gum disease over time. Root decay is also a concern if the roots are exposed due to receding gums or broken teeth. Ill-fitting dentures can cause stomatitis as bacteria grow between the dentures and gums, and many seniors also suffer from thrush, or yeast overgrowth, inside the mouth.

Regular doctor and dentist appointments are a big part of keeping your senior as healthy as possible. Homecare providers can help you to spot issues that might be early warning signs, which allows you to get help for your senior even quicker than you might have thought possible.

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