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April is Couple Appreciation Month: Help Mom and Dad Celebrate

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April is Couple Appreciation Month: Help Mom and Dad Celebrate

Although many seniors receiving home care from caregivers are alone because their spouses have passed on, we know that there are also many senior couples who are still enjoying life and their relationships with one another. If you’re fortunate to still have both of your parents in your life, April is a good month to celebrate them and to help them celebrate one another. We have some ideas to help.

Senior Care Rancho Palos Verdes CA - April is Couple Appreciation Month: Help Mom and Dad Celebrate

Senior Care Rancho Palos Verdes CA – April is Couple Appreciation Month: Help Mom and Dad Celebrate

Ideas for Celebrating Your Parents

Now is a good time for reminding your senior parents how special they are to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. There are lots of ways you can show your appreciation. Here are just a few:

Flowers: There’s nothing like opening the door to find a flower delivery person on the front step holding a brightly colored flower arrangement. And, since Couple Appreciation Month isn’t confined to just one day in April, the flowers you send will probably come as a surprise, which makes them even better! If you know mom’s and dad’s favorite kinds of flowers, personalize the arrangement by asking the florist to use those flowers.

Plan an Outing: Your senior parents may be unable to get out as much as they used to, so planning a special day to take them on an adventure is a great way to spend time focusing on them. Think about activities they enjoy. For example, if they like animals, a trip to the zoo might be in order. Or, if they enjoy movies, take them to a theater to see the latest blockbuster.

Dinner: Take your parents out to their favorite restaurant to enjoy a meal with you. If they have difficulty getting out, consider cooking for them or ordering in a meal from their favorite place.

Ideas for Helping Your Parents Celebrate Each Other

You and your parents’ caregiver can help your senior parents to celebrate one another using these simple ideas:

Letters and Notes: Encourage your parents to write love notes or letters to each other. If they have difficulty writing, their caregiver could take dictation.

Cards: Caregivers may be able to drive your parents to the store to purchase romantic cards.

Dinner Date: You or the caregiver can help your parents to enjoy a romantic dinner right in their own home. Cook their favorite meal and set the table with flowers and candles. Help them dress in their nicest clothes just as they would have back in the days when they were courting. Then, step back to allow them time alone together.

As author Richard Bach once said, “True love stories never have endings.” Help your senior parents to continue their story together by celebrating Couple Appreciation Month.


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