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5 Ways Seniors Can Prevent Blindness

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5 Ways Seniors Can Prevent Blindness

Senior Care Rolling Hills CA

Senior Care Rolling Hills CAMost people rely on their vision for a majority of their life. From being able to see the bright colors of the flowers growing in their garden to easily walking from one place to another, eyesight is something many of us take for granted until it is gone. This also holds true for seninor adults.

Their bodies and senses drastically change as they get older, and one of the most common changes is vision loss. Seniors who do suffer from blindness due to aging or other eye diseases often depend on the help of caregivers to get their everyday tasks completed. If your loved one still as full use of the eyesight, there are ways to prevent blindness from occurring.

Here are the top five ways elderly adults can keep their eyesight for many more years.

Get regular eye checks. Especially after the age of 55, getting regular eye checkups become increasingly important. Some health conditions can also cause problems to the senior’s vision, such as diabetes. By getting regular checkups, the optometrist will be able to detect any abnormalities in their eyes before they become bigger problems.

Protect their eyes. Another way the senior can protect their eyesight is by blocking them from the sun and other harmful lights. When outside on a sunny day, encourage your loved one to wear sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat in order to prevent the sun’s rays from damaging their eyes.

Make healthy choices. Vision can also diminish if the senior is malnourished or making other unhealthy choices. They need to drink plenty of water, eat a diet rich in wholesome and healthy foods, control their medical conditions, and exercise regularly. If they smoke, quitting will also prevent any vision loss.

Make a budget. Some adults do not get checkups each year because of its cost. If this is an issue for your loved one, help them create a budget. Other than paying out-of-pocket, checkups may be covered under insurance. Research your loved one’s health insurance plan to find out what is covered.

Get more tips from an optometrist. Their regular optometrist will also be able to provide any helpful tips in order to prevent problems developing with their vision.

There is no way to completely guarantee that blindness can be prevented, but these tips will significantly reduce your loved one’s chances of suffering from some form of vision loss.


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