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Tai Chi vs. Yoga – Which Fitness Program Suits Your Dad Best?

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Tai Chi vs. Yoga – Which Fitness Program Suits Your Dad Best?

You want your dad to become more active. He tends to sit behind his computer or the TV all day. You’ve noticed he’s stiff when he stands now. You’ve narrowed your choices to two programs designed to gently tone muscles, improve balance, and reduce strength. You’re ready to go to a class with him, but you’re not sure if he’d prefer tai chi or yoga more.

Senior Care West Hills CA - Tai Chi vs. Yoga - Which Fitness Program Suits Your Dad Best?

Senior Care West Hills CA – Tai Chi vs. Yoga – Which Fitness Program Suits Your Dad Best?

Both tai chi and yoga are exercise forms that pair movements with meditation practices. They reduce stress, tone and strengthen muscles, and help with balance. Take a closer look at the two to help you decide.

Pros and Cons of Tai Chi

If your dad is the type to say that yoga is not a very manly exercise form, you may find it easier to suggest tai chi. While yoga is a mix of poses and meditation, tai chi uses moves designed in Asian self-defense practices and meditation. Like yoga, tai chi helps with balance, stress, and toning muscles.

Tai chi is usually performed at your speed and comfort level. If your dad tries to do too much in his first couple of classes, he might strain a muscle, but it’s not common. It is important that he takes a basic class where he will not be doing any movements he’s not ready to handle.

Pros and Cons of Yoga

Yoga is a series of poses that help strengthen and stretch muscles throughout the body. It can help with balance. If your dad deals with an aching back, yoga can help strengthen those muscles and prevent the aches from returning. Yoga also helps with deep breathing that increases oxygen and relieves stress.

There are few cons to yoga. Some of the poses may be difficult for your dad. If he starts slowly in an easy class and works his way up to the more difficult poses, he’ll be fine. Bikram or “hot” yoga classes may be best avoided if your dad is sensitive to hot temperatures. If you do want to try a hot yoga class with your dad, talk to his doctor first to see if he can handle working out in a hot room.

Make sure your dad gets exercise on days when you don’t have a class together. One way to do this is by hiring caregivers. Senior care specialists come to your dad’s home to help him embrace his independence without risking his health or safety. Some of the senior care services offered include medication reminders, assistance with bathing, and transportation. Call our senior care agency today to discuss other benefits these providers offer.

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