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The 1Heart Circle of Care

“Guaranteed Continuum of Care”

A pictorial of the 1 Heart Caregiver Services Circle of Care for Individual Caregiver Services.
1. Evaluation
CCM will meet the care recipient and determine the level of care needed.
2. Plan of Care
CCM will discuss the detailed care plan with the family members to ensure that the care recipient’s specific needs are met.
3. Staffing
CCM will discuss the physical and medical condition/requirements of the care recipient with the Staffing Officer to determine the best candidates for the case
4. Caregiver Matching
CCM and Staffing Manager will provide the best-matched caregiver for the care recipient.
5. Start of Service
At this stage, CCM will discuss the Servioe Agreement with the care recipient, family, and/or conservator. They will customize the rates according to the level of service required. OCM will recommend and assign the best candidates who can start immediately
6. Case Management
CCM will manage each case, making sure that they are consistently being provided with excellent care and the care recepient’s progress is closely monitored.
7. Periodic Evaluation
CCM will do regular visitations to ensure that we are providing quality care and service that is best deserved by our care recipient.