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What Are the Key Issues Facing the Elderly?

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December 23, 2016

What Are the Key Issues Facing the Elderly?


older couple sitting in the sunset silhouetteOften during midlife, people begin to look forward to retirement. It’s a well-earned time for them to slow down, relax, and pursue hobbies they’ve been too busy to enjoy for most of their adult lives. They want to be able to spend time with their families and enjoy the golden years of their lives.

While many people grow gracefully into this experience as they age, some older adults have to deal with unwanted problems based on their circumstances. As your older relatives retire, consider these key issues facing the elderly and make sure you’re helping them during any tough times.


1. Loneliness & Social Isolation

One of the most painful key issues facing the elderly is loneliness and social isolation. While young people have plenty of opportunities for social interaction through work and school, most seniors find themselves at home more often. At the same time, their families often move away and friends and peers begin to pass away. People who live alone experience chronic loneliness which can often lead to illness and depression.


Monitor the elderly living alone at home to make sure they’re participating in some sort of socializing. Consider exploring group activities like gardening, painting groups, board gaming clubs, pet therapy, and book clubs. The internet makes it easier than ever to help lonely seniors find a group activity they can be passionate about and learn from.


2. Financial Security

portrait of an elderly manNow that older adults have retired, their renewable source of income has most likely dried up. Not everyone has a 401(k) or other investment to keep money flowing in. Many seniors have to rely on a nest egg that may or may not last until their death. If unexpected health issues come up, they might see a major dent in their savings.

It’s too late to invest now, but social security benefits can help supplement retiree income. If your parent is looking to retire soon, talk to them about their finances and savings to make sure they have enough for their future.


 3. Physical & Mental Health

Staying physically and mentally healthy as they age is a key issue facing the elderly. Declining health is difficult for older adults to accept, as they worry about giving up their independence as well as the financial burden of at-home care or round the clock services.


Keeping their bodies active and brains engaged is one way to combat the onset of a number of illnesses. Encourage family members to take walks, socialize, and practice brain activities to keep them sharp. You can also look into the options at 1Heart Caregiver Services to ensure you can monitor elderly family at home.


4. Elder Abuse

portrait of an elderly womanElder abuse is an incredibly sad and problematic key issue facing the elderly. Studies estimate that about 10% of older Americans have experienced elder abuse at least once. Don’t let elder abuse affect your loved ones! Check in on them often to avoid neglect, financial exploitation, or physical violence.


At 1Heart Caregiver Services, we have years of experience helping senior citizens enjoy their retirement years. Learn more about how you can better care for your family through our resource center today.


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