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When Alzheimer’s Leads To Legal Wrangles

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March 1, 2015

When Alzheimer’s Leads To Legal Wrangles


Memory loss is the best-known symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. But the illness can also lead to poor judgment and changes in behavior, sometimes resulting in aggressive or antisocial behaviors that can make caregiving difficult as well as lead to legal troubles like citations for traffic violations, theft and trespassing, a new study details.

Families should be aware of these behaviors, experts say, and understand that they are the result of the disease process and not willful choices. More important, they may be early warning signs that it’s time to take action. If someone with Alzheimer’s starts getting traffic tickets (and that’s new for the patient) or often gets lost, for example, it may very well be time to take away the car keys. Or if someone shows signs of wandering, they should always be accompanied when venturing out.

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