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100 Year Old Grandmother Celebrates Her Birthday In An Unusual Way

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100 Year Old Grandmother Celebrates Her Birthday In An Unusual Way

While most elderly folks spent their centennial celebrations in their homes, or in any relaxing place with good food and drinks Georgina Harwood celebrated hers a little differently.
On a clear and sunny Saturday noon at Cape Town, South Africa this daring centenarian went on skydiving as her close family members watched her from the ground. After the jump Georgina felt fantastic as has been doing this since she was 92 years old (an age where most seniors aren’t capable of doing such activities anymore).




And doesn’t end here. She went on to take a dip in a shark cage Monday in Gansbaii, in Western Cape. Harwood was so glad after swimming with the sharks and further added that she just can’t compare it to anything else. With this feat she was able to help raise funds to buy life jackets for volunteers of the National Sea Rescue Institute as she requested her party guests to donate to the institution instead of giving her gifts.




Truly a brave soul with a kind heart.

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