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1Heart Caregiver Services Brings Brain Fitness Education Seminar at ONEgeneration

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1Heart Caregiver Services Brings Brain Fitness Education Seminar at ONEgeneration

The Brain Fitness Education seminar was organized by 1Heart Caregiver Services in coordination with ONEgeneration Senior Enrichment Center, headed by 1Heart Client Care Manager Maria Antonia Gutierrez, Area Manager Raymond de Guzman and Brain Fitness Program Director Tee Barr.


Senior residents of the community who joined this event learned that there are many ways to enrich and further improve their memory. Program Director Tee Bar showed the residents the different ways to overcome dementia and memory loss. During the training, she emphasized the importance of focus in doing a certain task and how to avoid overwhelming our brains with too much information which causes forgetfulness. Other techniques were discussed, such as repeating a word consistently for five succeeding days will help you to remember something for the first time. Many other topics were explained during the program incorporating the six essential areas of our cognitive brain which are: the long-term memory, short-term memory, language, critical thinking, visuospatial and calculation.

Where did I last leave my phone? What is her or his name? Why I am here? Am I having senior moments and forgetfulness because of my age? These are some of the common concerns many senior residents often have. Ways to improve mental sharpness was shared in the event as well as various research findings which the senior residents found very interesting. One of the topics Tee Barr shared was that researchers found that stimulating leisure activities were associated with a 50% reduction in the risk of dementia. The opposite was found in seniors who rarely participated in stimulating activities, often having higher risk levels of dementia. Seniors at the event discovered that leisure is fun and good for our brain!

An important message during the seminar was to focus, relax, and challenge your brain daily to further improve memory and maintain wellness. The Brain Fitness program sponsored by 1Heart Caregiver Services is an enjoyable and informative monthly event hosted at ONEGeneration. The key take away? Brain fitness is simple: we just have to use it, or else we lose it.

1Heart Caregiver services, is inviting all the senior residents to come and join the next session this coming June 30, 2015 for another run of the Brain Fitness program. 1Heart Caregiver Services and ONEgeneration assure all participants that this will be just as fun, helpful and full of new interesting topics to learn!

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