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1Heart Caregiver Services is Now HCO Licensed

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May 17, 2016
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1Heart Caregiver Services is Now HCO Licensed

Picture of Belina holding the HCO License issued to 1Heart Caregiver ServicesThe home care industry is a growing industry. The increasing number of both home care companies and caregivers/home care aides has prompted the government to create a law named the Home Care Consumer Protection Act. This law enforces regulations to help protect any home care client against any form of fraud and abuse. Home Care Companies are now required to be HCO licensed and Caregivers/Home Care Aides are required to complete Caregiver training, be screened through a background check, then included in the HCA registry.

There are strict requirements for any home care company to be able to acquire a home care license. Most of the qualifications would depend on the company’s proper business practices and a clean track record. 1Heart has met all of those criteria’s. On June 2016, Caregiver Services and Homecare Inc. also known as 1Heart Caregiver Services had officially been awarded its HCO license. 1Heart Caregiver Services is now a part of more than 1000 Home Care Agencies in California that are HCO Licensed.

1Heart’s CEO and Founder, Belina C. Nernberg, is proud to announce this important development. “1Heart has always been a strong advocate of senior health and well-being and we are very much against any act that can harm or debilitate our aging population. We fully support the law and what it requires. And we strongly agree that it would be potentially risky for any individual to entrust care for their senior loved ones to someone who has not complied with the requirements of the licensing law. I’m very proud to say that with the acquisition of this HCO license, 1Heart has further improved its legitimacy as a home care company that provides not only quality care but also reliable care for seniors.” says Belina.

Jennifer Remigio, 1Heart’s Staffing Manager, like Belina, shows enthusiasm for the company being granted an HCO license. “1Heart’s acquisition of its HCO license adds to the company’s validity as a Home Care company and with this license, we can now bring further assurance to our clients that we are a legitimate company with Caregivers that are HCA Registered. As compliance, we make sure that our Caregivers complete all the requirements such as TB Test and Basic Health and Safety Training (through our 1Heart Caregiver University) and be subject to fingerprinting under The Department of Social Services, Caregiver Background Check Bureau”. says Jennifer.

“And as always, we try to maintain our high standard of service which is why we also provide our Caregivers continuous training. This is in line with 1Heart’s mission of providing high-quality in-home care through a client-centered and service-oriented approach.” she adds.


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