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1Heart Conducts a Special Advanced Caregiver Training

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1Heart Conducts a Special Advanced Caregiver Training

1Heart recently conducted a successful training event last October 27, 2017 entitled “Brighten Your Future in Home Care”.

This special training was presented by Randolph Clarito, 1Heart’s Director of Business and Franchise Development / 1Heart Caregiver University Trainor along with special guest speaker Bryan Go, RN of John Hopkins Hospital with the support of the Staffing department led by Jennifer Remigio, 1Heart’s Staffing Manager. This 2-hour advanced training module fulfills part of the 5-hour training requirement Caregiver Services – Best Practices and Caregiver’s Responsibilities to Senior Client.

1Heart Caregiver University Advanced Training

Randolph Clarito, 1Heart Director of Business and Franchise Development / Trainor (1st row seated left), Belina C. Nernberg, 1Heart CEO/Founder (1st row seated center), and guest speaker Bryan Go, RN of John Hopkins Hospital (1st row seated right) along with 1Heart staff and caregivers during the “Brighten Your Future in Home Care” event at 1Heart Corporate Headquarters

The advanced training comprised of the following topics:

• 5 common disease processes and how to care for these clients at home.
• Basic knowledge about management of advance equipment.
• Strategies to prevent falls at home.
• Self-care tips to prevent caregiver burn out.

Jennifer was impressed by how Bryan captured the attention of the participants and how well they interacted with him.

“You can see it in their eyes that they are more motivated, inspired and re-energized. We give Bryan 5 Stars and we are excited to see him in our future trainings. As a part of this company for several years now, I’m proud to say that the 1Heart Caregiver University has already helped a lot of caregivers effectively provide quality care ever since it was established. Caregiving is a noble profession and all the home care trainings that 1Heart has been providing contain the much-needed resource to help the caregiver provide the best care possible for seniors. These trainings are a huge benefit for our caregivers.” says Jennifer.

Bryan was very grateful to have been part of this training event and was very happy about its outcome. In fact the training has received some great feedback from its participants. Below are some of them.`

“The training was awesome! I learned about Alzheimer’s patients, the G-Tube, and how to take good care of my patients.” – Amesha C.

“The training was excellent!” – Ana R.

“I have learned about the 1Heart Caregiver University through 1Heart’s HR staff. I am very impressed knowing that it is one of the few companies that has this kind of institution that continues to take great strides in implementing educational programs and events such as advanced caregiver trainings to help further the skills of its caregivers. So I did not hesitate to participate as one of their event’s speakers when they invited me last month. I am so privileged to have been given this opportunity and am very happy that my presentation was well received by the caregivers.” says Bryan.

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