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1Heart Franchise Signing of Three Cities in Orange County

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April 26, 2016
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1Heart Franchise Signing of Three Cities in Orange County

Mark Shieh being welcomed by Belina C. Nernberg to the 1Heart HQ

Mark is welcomed by Belina to the 1Heart Headquarters

Mark Shieh, CEO of US Asia Franchise Group recently visited the 1Heart Caregiver Services Headquarters to witness for their client, the franchisee – Mikkasen Operation Group the three (3) franchise location deal signed last April 29, 2016. The three locations are namely, Irvine, Yorba Linda, and Anaheim.

Mark was given a tour of the 1Heart corporate office by Belina C. Nernberg (Founder/CEO) and was impressed by what he witnessed. “I saw the team behind the success of the company. I witnessed the professionalism and dedication of everyone. They also showed me their franchisees who were all thriving in their own locations. I was very impressed. I’m very honored to represent the franchisee to sign for these three franchise areas.” Mark said.

Also present during the event were Randolph Clarito (Director of Business and Franchise Development) and Kevin Tagarao (Vice President for Operations).

“I believe that the new franchisee will further boost the 1Heart brand strength and presence in Southern California area. His optimism, indisputable attitude and good experience in owning several businesses are strong attributes that can help his 1Heart franchise grow exponentially to a much bigger area. The new franchisee is committed to realizing his dream of owning 10 franchise locations in the years to come”, says Randolph.

Like Randolph, Kevin is also optimistic about the new franchisee and is very excited about the company’s positive developments. “We are definitely on track to becoming a well-known company in the US. There has been an increase of interest into the 1Heart brand because of the success our franchisees have been enjoying. It is very encouraging that 1Heart continues to make huge strides in building its presence across California. The company and franchise system continue to grow and we are glad to have more people drive the ideal for what 1Heart stands for which is quality in-home care service”, says Kevin.

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