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25 Themes for National Wheelchair Beautification Month

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25 Themes for National Wheelchair Beautification Month

Celebrating National Wheelchair Beautification Month in Style

National Wheelchair Beautification Month is a fun opportunity for everyone, young and old, who relies on a wheelchair to make everyone else jealous about it. Many communities hold personalized wheelchair parades or decorating contests to celebrate and give people a chance to have some fun. If you have an elderly relative that is confined to a wheelchair and relies on home care providers, they may welcome the opportunity to participate in the celebratory events going on in your town.

Being in a wheelchair means that your elderly relative has limited mobility and probably doesn’t get out and about like they once did. That, plus losing their independence due to chronic illness, injury and age can mean they may be ready for a fun event and a creative challenge. In many families, National Wheelchair Beautification Month is a family project involving neighbors, friends, home care providers and anyone else who wants to participate. It’s an especially fun way for your elderly loved one to spend time with grandkids, too.

While many people personalize their wheelchairs using wheelchair decorations like colorful fabrics, stickers, washi tape, ribbons, and accessories, decorating takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to a parade or contest. Some of the most successful wheelchair transformations are inspired by a theme that the elderly person loves. You and other family members can work with your aging relative to create an amazing work of art.

Here are 25 personalized wheelchair theme ideas that you, family members, friends, and home care providers can help with:

Home Care Northridge CA - 25 Themes for National Wheelchair Beautification Month

Home Care Northridge CA – 25 Themes for National Wheelchair Beautification Month

  1. Throne for a king or queen
  2. Horse-drawn buggy or chariot
  3. Hot air balloon and basket
  4. Viking ship
  5. Pirate ship
  6. Christopher Columbus’s ship
  7. Spaceship or UFO
  8. Zoo animal or circus animal in a cage
  9. Fire truck
  10. Police car
  11. Underwater adventure
  12. Superhero theme
  13. Batmobile for Batman or Batgirl
  14. Cinderella’s magical coach
  15. Santa’s sleigh, complete with reindeer
  16. Mermaid on a seashell
  17. Dragon, Pegasus or unicorn
  18. Flying carpet
  19. Christmas theme
  20. Creepy Halloween-themed buggy
  21. Patriotic red, white, and blue
  22. Pop culture car like Herbie, Flintstones, or Disney’s Cars
  23. NASCAR
  24. Flower garden
  25. Tropical paradise or beach party

The stigma of being in a wheelchair can be hard on a person’s self-esteem. However, by highlighting all the amazing things that wheelchairs do for people who need them, the negative associations can quickly recede into the background. Not only is celebrating the wheelchair inspiring and empowering, but it will also help you and your elderly relative meet new people and show the community that life in a wheelchair doesn’t change someone’s good qualities. If your elderly relative wants to participate in National Wheelchair Beautification Month this year, it’s not too late to spruce up with fun wheelchair decorations.

Belina C. Nernberg
Belina C. Nernberg
Belina Calderon-Nernberg is the CEO and founder of 1Heart Caregiver Services. Recently offering 1Heart franchise business opportunities to the public, Belina provided the vision, leadership, and direction that the company needed to achieve its goal of making a positive difference in the homecare industry. As her greatest accomplishment, the company is now equipped with the expertise to expand its business operations to different States in the U.S. Belina brings with her a corporate experience of 25 years, with 15 solid years of experience as CEO of an employment agency and a senior care service company in Southern California. Belina has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of St. La Salle, Philippines. She has been the recipient of several awards given to emerging leaders in business, community service, arts, and entertainment. She has also been honored as an Ambassador of Goodwill by the HiFi (Historic Filipinotown) Neighborhood Council. This title is bestowed to carefully selected Filipino-Americans who are persons of integrity who have the ability “to promote, reach out, influence and mobilize public interest and support of the ideals, values, principles, and programs of the Historic Filipinotown.

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