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Four Reasons Why Elderly Care is the Best Choice

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Four Reasons Why Elderly Care is the Best Choice

It’s a scary thought. A recent survey from Nationwide found that more than half of those 50 or older say they’d rather die than have to live in a nursing home. Your parents likely feel the same way.

There are suitable alternatives. If your parents don’t want to move from their home, it’s often quite possible to make that happen. With elderly care services, your parents could age in place and never need to move.

Elderly Care Hacienda Heights CA - Four Reasons Why Elderly Care is the Best Choice

Elderly Care Hacienda Heights CA – Four Reasons Why Elderly Care is the Best Choice

No One Has to Move

After a stroke or other debilitating illness, there’s a general conception that a move would be required. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many times, a few adjustments are all it takes for your mom or dad to remain in the family home. Elderly care can help with the rest of the concerns like bathing, grooming, meals, and housekeeping.

Of course, there will be reasons a move might make more sense. If your dad has a stroke and needs a wheelchair, you have to decide if it’s possible to make the home wheelchair-friendly. If the doorways and halls are narrow and many stairs lead to exits, it may be smarter to downsize to a single-level home and install wheelchair ramps to the exits.

Your Parents Get One-on-One Attention

When your parents stay in the family home and hire caregivers, they get one-on-one attention. They’re not sharing caregivers with dozens of other residents. Care is personalized to their needs and preferred schedule. It makes it easier to form a bond with their caregiver.

They Control the Schedule and Activities

In a residential setting, there’s a daily schedule that’s followed. If your parents like to sleep in, they may miss breakfast and even lunch. If they don’t like the activities that are planned, they’re out of luck.

At home, caregivers target activities your parents want to do. You and your parents discuss what services are best and talk about the things they like to do. They’re not going to be forced into activities they don’t enjoy. You don’t have to have the caregiver arrive until you know your parents usually get up.

Services Are Personalized to Their Needs

When you hire elderly care services, you and your parents decide what services are needed. If your mom forgets to take her medications but showers and dresses on her own, medication reminders would be the only service she’d get. Nothing is added if she doesn’t need it.

If your dad recovers from a broken hip and can drive independently again, transportation services would end. Services are changed to match their current needs.

Elderly care services are arranged at your parents’ convenience. You only pay for the services they need and on the days they need help. Call our elderly care service to discuss pricing and get answers to your questions.


If you or an aging loved one are considering Elderly Care Services in Hacienda Heights CA, please contact the caring staff at 1Heart Care Services today.

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