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Hiring Caregivers: How to Know You’ve Found the Right One

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Hiring Caregivers: How to Know You’ve Found the Right One

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Whether you’ve decided on independently hiring a caregiver for your senior loved ones, or have decided to use a home care agency, you will still need to pick from different caregivers and find the one that is a perfect match for your family. There are some initial steps you can take to get you on the right path, and signs you can look for that will indicate whether they are a good match or not after you’ve hired them. Now, let’s help you find the right senior caregiver!

Write a Detailed Job Description

If you’ve decided on hiring caregivers independently, you have a lot more work to do than you would by using an agency. The first thing you want to do is write a very detailed job description that lets potential caregivers know exactly what duties need to be performed and what you and your loved one expect of them. Always be up front about pay as well. You can add pay to your job description or discuss it with them during an interview. The more transparent you are about your expectations, the less sifting through potential candidates you will have to do.

Check References

Many employers have candidates list their top three references but never bother to check them. In the healthcare industry, it is important to always follow up with their references by doing a background check. When hiring caregivers, ask their references about how they did in their previous position, if they would hire them again, and if they would recommend them for the job at hand. Checking for a criminal record is always a good idea, too.

Conduct Multiple Interviews

Conducting three interviews per person when hiring caregivers is a good way to feel out each candidate. The first interview should be a short phone call to make sure they meet the basic requirements. The second interview should be in-person, where you can ask each candidate that passed the phone screening questions about their previous work ethics, future endeavors, and other personal inquiries. The third interview should be conducted for your top two candidates and include yourself, and your senior family member.

Have a Trial Period

Once the process of hiring a caregiver is complete, you can start them on a trial period. While they may have gotten a gold star during the interviews, real life application is another thing altogether. Typical trial periods can last from 1-3 months. During this time, you can observe how they interact with your senior loved one, how well they perform their duties, and generally make sure they have met your expectations.

Look for the Signs of a Bad Match

Finding senior caregivers that are good at their job isn’t too hard, but finding one that is a good personality match for your family member is a bit more difficult. Sometimes people just don’t get along and their ying doesn’t match your yang. Here are some signs that your loved one is uncomfortable with the caregiver.

Tasks Aren’t Getting Completed

When hiring caregivers, you have set certain tasks that you and your family member want accomplished. If you notice these things aren’t getting done, it may be because your family member is uncomfortable with the caregiver and doesn’t want to ask them for help. You can help remedy this situation by writing up clear, daily task lists.

Your Family Member Spends More Time in Their Room

When they spend more time in their room, instead of in the common areas like they normally would, it can be because they are uncomfortable with the caregiver and are avoiding them. They may not like the caregiver, or they may just not be used to someone else in the house. Try to encourage them to spend more time in common areas and talk to them about their feelings for the caregiver.

They Complain A Lot

Some seniors will be very vocal about their feelings towards the caregiver with constant complaining. Of course, there are instances when seniors may be resistant to receiving care at all so, it might be hard to differentiate a legitimate concern from general grumblings. Still, keep an eye on the situation. If the complaints don’t let up, it may be time to find a new senior caregiver.

Make it Easier with a Service That Screens Caregivers

Hiring caregivers, conducting interviews, and using a structure to pay them legally, is a lot of work, considering you will end up paying them about the same rate as a caregiver sourced from an agency, like 1Heart Caregiver Services. We thoroughly screen all of our caregivers with a background and criminal check process. We also make sure they are properly trained, certified, and have experience. Skip the caregiver hiring process and get straight to the trial period with our quality caregivers. Contact us today!

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