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Good Cheer: Safely Decorating for the Holidays in Your Senior’s Home

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Good Cheer: Safely Decorating for the Holidays in Your Senior’s Home

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With Covid-19 canceling travel plans and making social distancing a must even around the people you care about, it is safe to say that Christmas is probably going to feel a little different this year. But while it may be a bit more cumbersome, you can still throw a great Christmas for the elderly loved ones in your life by following a few simple safety tips. Have a responsible and heartwarming holiday celebration with help from our guide.

1. Get the Supplies

Ordering online and minimizing interactions with the outside world is the ideal solution for getting your holiday supplies, but that might not always be possible. Since seniors are more likely to be immunocompromised and therefore more vulnerable to Covid-19, you should always take it upon yourself to venture out for Christmas decorations and goodies in their stead if you are able-bodied and at minimal risk for contracting the virus. If you want to make sure Christmas for the elderly stays safe, 1Heart offers home care services that include shopping and housekeeping, lowering the risk for you and your loved ones.

2. Stay in Your Bubble Beforehand

When it comes to Christmas decorating safety, you must buckle down and keep your contact with the outside world as minimal as possible before visiting your older loved ones for the holidays. As stated, seniors are at greater risk for both contracting the virus as well as experiencing serious complications from it, which means Christmas for the elderly will require even more judicious social distancing than you usually practice. If you need help putting a bit of extra distance between yourself and the seniors in your life before the holidays, we can come to the rescue.

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3. Do as Much as You Can

Many elderly people have a strong sense of pride around being able to do a lot of things by themselves, but unfortunately, that does not always mean it is safe for them to handle everything on their own. Christmas for the elderly can be made easier on everyone if you take it upon yourself to do things like hang up decorations that may need to be put at perilous heights, or cook and prep dishes that might require more coordination and care. Make sure they have a say on where decorations are placed and other decisions. You’ll want them to feel involved. You may not be able to handle all these tasks by yourself, so enlist the help of some other family members or otherwise qualified experts.

4. Get the Lay of the Land

One of the first rules of Christmas decorating safety is that you must know if there are any variables that might lead to some unwelcome surprises during your festivities. Christmas for the elderly can be ruined quickly if they live in a home with faulty wiring or items strewn around in unexpected areas, so make sure you know exactly what you are dealing with before you take it upon yourself to handle the decorations. When you have trusted allies to help with the housekeeping, you may find that doing this bit of work might suddenly become a lot easier.

5. Listen to Their Needs

Every senior is different, and Christmas for the elderly will be unique in every household. Your older loved ones may have decorating needs and desires that we—or you—may not be privy to, and it is always important to make sure you are paying attention to what your elders are telling you. Keeping these common-sense tips in mind while staying flexible with the specific needs of the seniors in your life will ensure that everyone can have a safe, fun time decorating their home for the holidays.

Christmas Decorating Safety is Easy with 1Heart

When it comes to Christmas for the elderly, there is no sense in taking chances with the safety and happiness of your older loved ones. This is why 1Heart is always handy with tips and advice on our blog to make sure everyone can make the most of the holidays regardless of age. We put our words into practice with every caregiver we send out, and when you meet our friendly caregivers and see their expertise in practice for the first time you will know how well we walk our talk.

To make this the best ever Christmas for the elderly, send us a message and tell us your needs. You can always count on the gift of care and love when you join the 1Heart family today.

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