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Is Your Elderly Loved One Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue? Here’s How to Help

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Is Your Elderly Loved One Experiencing Pandemic Fatigue? Here’s How to Help

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It is a safe bet that none of us have been immune to “Covid fatigue” over the past few months: we all want the pandemic to wrap up so we can go back to work, spend more time with the people we care about, and just get on with our normal lives. And as tough as it can be for most of us, pandemic fatigue can hit the elderly even harder, since many of them are already isolated and have trouble doing even the social activities they were allowed before lockdown hit.

1. Long-Distance Communication

They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but truthfully it depends on the dog and the trick. Seniors often have a notably difficult time adapting to things like cell phones and internet communication, but there has probably never been a better time to get used to these things than here and now. If you know an elder who has pandemic fatigue and has not made use of tools like Zoom or Facetime, you or a helper should help them get acquainted with some technological advances that can make them feel less alone.

2. Becoming an Early Bird

The elderly are more acclimated to going to bed and waking up earlier than the rest of us, and they can use this time to bolster their senior mental health by getting out in the world before the crowds arrive. The elderly can fight pandemic fatigue by hitting some of their favorite spots—preferably ones that are outdoors or feature ample social distancing—when the risk of airborne contagion is much smaller than it will be once the rest of the world arises.

3. Detaching from the News Cycle

We live in a deeply connected world, for better as well as worse: we have more access to current events than ever before, but as you may have noticed, it has not exactly been the cheeriest news cycle to live through over the past 12 months. Pandemic fatigue can be made worse if you never unglue from the news and social media, and elderly people can become especially prone to this due to isolation. Don’t hesitate to set some boundaries, if it’s become a problem. You can set timers to make sure elderly loved ones only spend a certain amount of time watching or listening to the news. Better yet, be there with an alternative–board games, a brisk walk, or even just good conversation can be healthy diversions.

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4. Finding a Balance

It is no simple task to find the balance between isolating for physical health and socializing for mental health: one step too far in either direction could bring disaster for your concerns on the opposite end. Pandemic fatigue can be made a little easier by finding a routine that can accommodate your senior mental health concerns by mixing reliable companionship with the civic responsibility of social distancing.

5. Cherishing the Little Things

As one grows older, it becomes more important than ever to take value in the little things that make you smile and live in the present moment. This particular “present moment” may feel like it has been one long slog since February 2020, but that makes it all the more important to fight pandemic fatigue by cherishing the good times when they do occur, and by valuing the people who always have your back.

Get Through the Pandemic with 1Heart

The Coronavirus pandemic has been especially brutal towards the most vulnerable members of our society, and that means the elderly, disabled, and incapacitated among us need all the relief they can get. 1Heart can help make this relief easier with specialized franchise services: whether your elderly loved ones need care around the clock, someone to help with a particular medical issue, or just a friend to help fight pandemic fatigue with, 1Heart can find a caregiver that will help you with your exact needs. Taking care of senior mental health can be just as important as maintaining physical well-being, so make sure you have the right team on your side.

Do you have any advice from your own experience on how to help seniors through the pandemic? Leave us a comment below, or get in touch with us today if you would like to see how we can help you and your loved ones firsthand. Pandemic fatigue is nothing to take lightly, so make sure the seniors in your life are sound of mind and strong of body with 1Heart Caregiver Services today.

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