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Julie Vito Cruz

A woman in her 50s or 60s wearing a black suit jacket named Rose Belcina.
Rose Belcina
October 4, 2015
Teresita Reyes 1Heart caregiver
Teresita Reyes
December 1, 2015

Julie Vito Cruz

juliecruzOur featured caregiver for November, Julie Vito Cruz is has worked as a caregiver for 1Heart Caregiver Services for the last three years. She, together with her husband and two sons immigrated to the United States 12 years ago from the Philippines. With a bachelor’s degree in Management from the Philippine College of Commerce she worked as an Executive Assistant for a Holding Company back in the Philippines. Upon arriving in the US, Julie pursued careers related to her academic degree and worked mostly in sales and marketing.

It wasn’t long before she realized she needed a career change — this time she planned on getting a job in the Healthcare industry that she felt would best serve her calling of serving and caring.

With time to spare she took the opportunity to continue her education. She chose health care related fields of study. She was able to earn a Certificate on Hospital Occupations at Southeast ROP in Cerritos and had completed an on-the-job training as an Admitting Clerk in a regional hospital in Lakewood, CA. This enabled her to land a job as a Medical Records Clerk for a medical billing company in Cerritos, CA.

JulieVito Cruz considered this job as a means to further her experience in the health / home care field as her next step was to pursue a Caregiving Career. For this she was very determined as she participated in seminars and trainings both in-house and outside, medical journals, book references, and hands-on experience from Clients. “Learning the ropes of Caregiving was not easy for me then but I remained focused on my goal. And with the help of the expert training I received from 1Heart it empowered me with the right tools to succeed as an effective Caregiver.” says Julie.
Her training with 1Heart in fact paid off as her clients and families continue to appreciate her hard work. “Being recognized for my effort is what I can consider a great achievement in itself. I am very happy to know that I have accomplished each task I am required to do the best way possible.” she adds.

Julie is considered to be one of 1Heart’s best caregivers who continously strives to give care and comfort to our seniors with compassion, integrity and professionalism.

We are proud to have you as a part of the 1Heart family.

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