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Luisito Yrastorza

Lourdes Atalla
July 12, 2017

Luisito Yrastorza

Luisito Yrastorza - 1Heart Caregiver Services Featured CaregiverLuisito had a good life in the Philippines. He is blessed with a very loving wife whom he dearly treasures and a father who has been his inspiration. Then in 1988 unexpectedly his father, who lives in the U.S. became ill. He was very saddened to have learned about this. It was really difficult for Luisito to leave his home country to try out opportunities in the U.S. but he has to make this decision to be able to take care of his dad.

His wife supported him on this and decided to go with him. It was also a blessing that he was granted the opportunity to live in the U.S that same year. Luisito and his wife considers this as a new chapter in their lives.

Life in the U.S. had its struggles and challenges. Luisito was very well prepared for this before he migrated. His determination to succeed and his love and support for his family gave him the strength to overcome the difficulties. And for several years already Luisito enjoys a fruitful and rewarding career in caregiving.

Luisito’s tips for his fellow caregivers is to have a lot of patience and to have that genuine desire to help seniors. Respecting and understanding always helps a lot in staying calm in any kind of challenging situations.

Jennifer Remigio, 1Heart’s Staffing Manager has good things to say about Luis. “Luis has been part of the 1Heart Family for more than 5 years. He is easily loved by our clients. He shows compassion and dedication in taking care of them. He always says yes to our call, complies with company requirements and deals with Office Staff professionally. Luis works in harmony with his co-workers and indeed a very modest and hard-working person.”

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