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Lourdes Atalla

Katherine Azanon
April 12, 2017
Luisito Yrastorza
September 8, 2017

Lourdes Atalla

Lourdes Atalla Featured 1Heart CaregiverLourdes, who is originally an educator, is a naturally compassionate and caring individual who thought of pursuing a home care career even since she was actively teaching in the Philippines. When she learned of a job opportunity in the U.S. she decided to migrate. It was quite an emotional struggle that she had to bear as the opportunity came at a time when she was at the lowest point in her life. She hit rock bottom, left with nothing, and was faced with a difficult decision of not being able to bring her entire family with her.

Through years of living in the U.S., she endured all of her struggles being far from the rest of her family as she attributes her resiliency from her children who continually inspire her and keep her hopes alive and strength from her mom, who she admires the most, for her hard work, selflessness, and commitment.

To this date, Lourdes has now become one of the most qualified home care workers as she accumulated a wealth of experience working in different health care jobs as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Licensed Vocational Aide, Physical Therapist, Home Health Aide, and currently as a Caregiver for 1Heart. Her children, in fact, are very proud of her chosen field as most of them took health care careers as registered nurses. In turn, Lourdes is very proud of what her children have accomplished. The fruits of her hard work had paid off as she was able to support them to become successful individuals.

“It has always been such a great honor and pleasure to be given the privilege to be part of 1Heart Caregiver Services plainly because I am aware of the fact that they only hire employees who exhibit exemplary traits of a highly competent, compassionate, and sincerely devoted caregiver.” says Lourdes.

She has been getting good feedback from her clients ever since she has started working as a caregiver for 1Heart. In fact, Kathryn Lee, wife of one of her clients, attests to Lourdes’ genuine devotion to caring.

“Lourdes has consistently devoted herself to the complete care of her client. She has always given a pleasant and helpful attitude toward everyone she is near. Her most

positive manner creates warmth everywhere she is. She is a real bonus for everyone she serves.” says Kathryn.

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