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Katherine Azanon

A woman in her 50s or 60s wearing a nurses uniform named Josalyn Borromeo.
Josalyn Borromeo
February 14, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Katherine Azanon

Katherine Azanon - 1Heart Featured CaregiverEarly in life, Katherine was inspired by the results of hard work. She saw this in her mother which she considers her role model. Being financially challenged and having a big family proved to be extremely difficult so her mother decided to migrate to the US to find a better life.

She admired her mother for being able to juggle between work and schooling and at the same time be a great single parent. And with her determination to succeed to have a better life of her own, she somehow followed her mother’s footsteps by getting two jobs while being a full-time nursing student.

Katherine later became focused on being a caregiver due to her heart for caring and helping others and her dreams of working in the healthcare profession. What made her decide to be a 1Heart Caregiver was due to the fact that company shares the same genuine desire, which is to serve and take care of the elderly in the best way possible. Katherine enjoys being with seniors. This holds true especially when she is able to comfort them and make them happy.

“One of my favorite memories is when I was caring for one of the seniors in a facility. She was having a really bad morning, and I tried everything I can to cheer her up. I was so glad that I succeeded. I will never forget her reaction when I played her favorite song. It was priceless. I was so happy that she finally smiled and started singing on the top of her lungs. She even continued smiling as she clapped until the song was over”. says Katherine.

Her colleague, Rose Belcina, sees a lot of good qualities in Katherine. “Katherine is sweet, soft-spoken, and friendly. She is very strong and is very reliable in lifting. She does everything for her client with care and compassion and communicates with them very well. She is also quick to adapt to any situation or circumstance.” says Rose.

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